Monday, March 9, 2009

Destination reached!?

I am about to finish my work, and Sabari has settled in Denmark. Looks like "Life in full speed!" has come a long way now, and possibly reached its destination. Or may be just another halt. Who knows. Depends on readers! They are the fuel who pulled this blog to 200+ posts! Yes, its more than enough material for a semester course or a book to be published!

I am quite addicted to writing a blog, so the flow is unavoidable though! There are some topics here which still have more in my mind, and deserve to be posted. And there are some more topics, which were promised earlier, but not posted! So looks like the journey will go on, even after having reached the destination! Let's see, comment as to what category or posts you liked most, will post on those topics. Or, comment as to what you would like to read about, and I will post about it.

Let's see. Since I am fascinated by wordpress, may be I will write something out of nothing.

Since I like to report my favorite engagement, I might tour you in YES!+ activities.

Or I might just scribble something in German. There you can play a guessing game, just write in comments, whatever you guess that German post means! I would correct it with what I meant! German is very close to English. So its hardly a difficulty to guess. Also, you can just get it translated from google!

We have decided to keep the Candid Eye on the events and concern of our India.

Do you know how many Saints have happened in India! This is a land of saints. Inform me of those you know, who are not mentioned in the Land of Saints archieve.

Finally, a little bit of physics fundae is welcome anyday! I intend to write about Physics in daily life, so pose some questions about nature, and you could get to know of the Physics mechanism behind!

Each of the topics tagged in this blog deserve a blog of its own! May be I will write about Bhagawath Geetha (The song of divine) sometime. Let's see, to sing the song of divine needs some practise!


Sunday, March 8, 2009

Who has the time!

When the time to spend with loved ones, is so short, who has the time to hate others, get angry on them, scheme a revenge for them, laze in fantasy or dream of heavens.

In an average lifetime of 80 years, 40 years are spent sleeping. Then 2 hours a day in Eating, take out 8 more years. Then 1-1.5 hours a day in Bathroom. Take out some more years. Then, transport. few more years gone. finally you do some much work for just financial sustenance.  And then, few hours a day, you spend with your loved ones... count how much time we have! and as you grow, time seems to fly faster!

One who thinks, I have lot of time, becomes lazy. One who sees the short amount of time available, becomes illustrious.

This lifetime is long enough to see the fruits of our actions, and is short enough to postpone anything good.

Don't Panic! Here is the hitchhikers' guide to galaxy!

Well, you might have, once is a while, bought a city tour guide and a map guide or so. If you were
to roam around in the whole of the galaxy, what you would refer to!?

I finally saw this wonderful movie, the video based on the book "The hitchhikers' guide to galaxy"! 
It was great to read the book first, and film meets up with all expectations and much more.
In a book reading, there is so much for personal imagination, that adds fun!

Douglas Adams did a remarkable job by thinking out of box for his (hitchhikers') guide to galaxy!

Its amazing how when one let's go off the binding of usual concepts, an idea with a stroke of 
divine downs in naturally!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

guitar class is back!

Its been two years or more

When I plucked few strings
And its time to take it back
And play some scales and chords

When I hold it in my hands
And breath in some life
And pluck few strings
It gives such a nice sense of music

I recollected and applied many Patanjali Yoga Sutras, while learning German. I hope same strategy will work for Guitar classes:
Honouring the practise, the teacher, the practitioner
Any practise is a practise, when done over a long enough time, without break, with honor.
Teevra samveganam asannam It is easy for someone who does it with full intensity.

things under water... :)

Bought a new goggle for swimming. Experience of it was mixed, good, as I can now keep my eyes open under water also, and not so good as the size is bit smaller, so sometime water goes in, and once when I dived, the goggle came out of eyes and rested on my lips! so not so good fitting.

The nice part is the way things look when I am under water!! Its like:- a sense of hearing, which is not blocked unless you are in a secluded place, is blocked. And a whole new world of sight is opened up:- seeing the bubbles of water splashed by movement of people swimming, the radiance caused by them, the scattered light filling up till the bottom of the pool(yes, they have maintained it well, i can see the botttom.) is a new experience!
It reminds me of the movie The life Aquatic. Thanks to Bawa! Its a fantastic comedy, bit adult, and a delightful venture in the marine life.

It is also one of the first movies, whose director's commentary I heard. Its interesting how these people come up with the ideas that result in a movie.

 Surely one more thing added to my things to do after PhD is :- Scuba diving!! :)

Friday, March 6, 2009

new venture

Thanks to Shaila and Maddy I am waking up at 4:30 types, which I can't believe in myself, and going for a group sadhana. Its a long term initiative (I would probably participate for atleast the summer, as otherwise I find Bengaluru pretty cold to get up so early) and its been three days now.
Its interesting to set out yourself when Sun is still on the other side of the planet, and check out what's happening outside.
When you are asleep, there is no problem in the mind- you only see the problems when you are awake- and also create problems! If the whole world goes to sleep on exactly the same time for 24 hours, I guess the problems in world would definitely reduce!
Its interesting though, even at 1 in night or 4/5 in early morning, in India, there are always some people on the streets. Its like, atleast some people dont sleep.
So when the mind is largely sleepy and little bit awake, in between 4-6am, and also there is so much silence outside, the meditation happens naturally! Its easy.
Plans are big. Let's see how things go.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Its absolute fun to get back to swimming these days! It was third day today. Its summer time in Bangalore, so its easy to swim in cold/normal temperature water. 

I am observing how body is getting ready day by day to this sport and exercise activity. I can feel exactly which muscle in biceps is used, exactly which muscle in thigh is getting exercise!
Its interesting, when you are in water, you don't feel so tired, when you climb out of the pool, you can suddenly feel so much more weight!
This is one exercise where breathing is highly important:- as it is one is struggling not to drown(!) :) and avoiding water entering in mouth or nose... and in addition, suddenly you can get tired, will be out of breath!
From my previous swimming experience I have learnt that I need to do swimming with proper warm up. Else in middle of pool if one gets a cramp or muscle pull, that's it! Quite awkward. I am going to start a full fledged multivitamin course also, as the muscles need it.

I only know two types of swimming strokes- straight forward hand motion, tortoise like swimming. Would like to learn other two common ones this summer:- butterfly and backstroke. In both these others, there is more chance of water going in nose once in a while, so I haven't managed it yet. 

However in Diwali vacation in Mumbai, I learnt how to just float for a while on water... Its a skill!! You know, the babies can do it effortlessly! Because effortlessness is the key! And they are good at it. Very Very young babies only. And of course don't experiment unless you are expert in handling them! They can do so in a bath tub... The thing is, our body has enough air and other empty space to make it float on water. The density of body is very close to that of water! So there is saying in Marathi which  means "Strange is the way of water, it drowns a live man, and keeps floating a corpse!" Yeah corpse floats on water! And so the key to float is to be like a corpse:- effortless! :) And in that effortless state of mind and body you can also feel oneness with water element, air flowing in and around, the space above and fire in form of sunlight... 

And today two guys were swimming in another interesting way!! They swam :--- well, its tough to describe, you should have seen them, and I couldn't stop laughing for long after that --- They swam in the direction of their legs!!! so stomach was on water, their motion is not in the direction of head, but legs! they move the hands in opposite direction!! :) Its good to have number of  regular swimmers in the pool, along with amatures and novice. The Jayanagar swimming pool is very well maintained by corporation, there is nice mechanism to clean feet before entering, the pool is wide and long, goes upto 16 feet deep, and you can see the bottom even in 16 feet!!

hmmm. so to do thing is to buy a hair cap, goggles, ear cap, and get professional help for learning remaining forms of swimming now! lots to do.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

new Laptop

Bought a new laptop! Mac Powerbook G4. Thanks to a wish fulfilling angel!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Fortune found

Oh! Fortune It Is. 

To Be, With You; To Be.

Who Are You And Who Am I.

And What this World Is.

The Day it all Began

In a lovely Morning Sunrise

The Clouds Floating in the Sky

And the Big Tall Trees

That Smile of Yours

And a cup of Hot Drink

A Walk to the Lake

And the mist on the road

Animals in the Zoo

The Deities in the Temple

A walk in the Garden

The Popcorn and laughter in Theatre

The Sun Went by So Fast on the Sky

The Dusty way back on a bumpy road

Standing in the Bus with its cracking Noises

The Fireflies that Showed us the way

Moments to cherish they shall always be

To stand with thee

Do you know who are We...

Monday, March 2, 2009

3 phases of any work

Obviously, you would say, if I note that there are three phases to any work:- beginning, continuation, completion. :)

Yeah it is important to note how these are related to three energies:- Brahama Vishnu Mahesh:- creative, maintenance and transformation. 
In the beginning you need good new ideas, in the continuation, you need to sustain these initiatives, and completion is essentially a transformation of this work to its goal, and thereby leading to new beginning. 

In any activity, you can see which part is taking you long time. Or which part is not working properly. 
I tend to begin new things absolutely easily! Lots of new initiatives almost daily! :) then some of them are sustained, and few of them are completed! :) 
So now I am focussing on some completions... 

Sunday, March 1, 2009

@ a fashion show

from the "nida for skin" fashion show at olive beach, long back. sizzling catwalk and music full of beats... lower left is Nida herself, the designer. right is a wonderful model who performed a dance also. cool evening it was. when seen in person, rather than on television, a glimpse of fashion world is more of a electrifying nature, rather than sensationalizing.
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Saturday, February 28, 2009

The POE factor

Your life is interaction with world in three ways:-
You Observe the world with 5 senses,
You Perceive the world,
You Express yourself in the world.

The Observation, Perception and Expression decide how successful you will be in the world.

And the same faculties in others can help you understand them better. When someone doesn't notice your help or love, you can say, "oh poor in observation." When someone doesn't understand what you are telling them, "oh he/she needs to improve Perception." And when someone is not speaking well or enough to you, you can say, "oh, he/she needs to improve on expression."

You need detailed, minute and diversified Observation; clear and communal Perception and natural and authentic Expression. Regular practise of Sudarshan Kriya and Meditation enhances your POE factor. :)

When you leave a comment, I know that you have observed my post, perceived something out of it, and I am glad you expressed! :)

Friday, February 27, 2009

Die Deutschkurtz endet


Heute die Deutschkurtz Sprechen Prufung endet. Ich habe schon interessant Zeit, und viel Spass im Deutschkurtz. Ich danke alle laute von Sri Sri Zentrum fur Sprache Studien {Sri Sri Center for Language Studies} im Bengaluru. Mein Lehrer Herr Nataraj habe sehr gut Deutsch kenntenise.

Ich weise nicht vier worter im Deutch, vier monaten vorer. Aber jetzt Ich kann schreibe, spreche, hore und antworte in Deutsch. Ich denke, das is aber nett!

Verstehen Sie nicht, was Ich habe geschriben? Vielliest besuchen Sie die worterbuche einmaal. Deutsch ist nicht so schwer!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

What gives value to what?

Right from my childhood, I have been aware of what gives value to which thing!

I was in 6th standard. I had gone to Sangli, from Pune, and easily solved a puzzle competion in a local festival contest. They called me on stage and asked, "which place do you like more, pune or sangli !?" I said, "since my father is here right now, I like Sangli !!" My this quick and innocent reply was probably not expected by the organizer, and he burst into laughter, along with all the audience, clapping and laughing!

So when I heard this in His Holiness Sri Sri Ravishankarji's Commentary on Narad Bhakti Sutra, I was happy to see that this has been in me since long! He says:- Do you get value because you are wearing a necklace, or a necklace gets a value because you are wearing it!? A shawl is important because of the person who wears it. A stick carried by Gandhiji is important because it was used by him.

Instead of wanting something for myself, I ask:- does it worth deserve me?

I like Bangalore, because I have so many friends here. So also, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Germany, France, US! I like some languages because my friends speak them too. :) And I like to learn those. Now that I have friends all over the world, It seems that I will end up learning all the world's languages!! hahaha!

Before you sign up or pay...!

Be it a class, a trip, a business deal or a movie show. One thing I have learnt very well now, is that I need to know the terms and conditions of any contract, BeforE I sign up or pay! And I need to know it in full detail. Often those who want to sign a deal with you, have their own benefit in mind, and they unintentionally hide or intentionally don't disclose the details which you may not be comfortable with.
So, ASK for the details. GET To Know the total information Before You Sign up or Pay. Your ignorance is not counted as innocence in business world!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Jagjit and Chitra Singh

Monday, February 23, 2009

March in March...!

In a society, there are flows, because there are flows in the individuals of the society. And in an individual, there are flows, because the society is like this!
When the individuals stand up for the human values, the human values in the whole of society are raised up.

For corruption or terrorism to exist, it spreads its wings and roots to diverse parts of society. When these are cut down, there is no base for it to exist.

Here begins an event for a social reform through individual action:- March in March:-
The March Against Terrorism Against Corruption.

Delhi, 1March, 2-5 PM, Parliament Street, Delhi.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

gave an exam...! Abschluss Prufung.

Ending exam of the German class. Es geht gut.

I was watching during the prep, am I "relaxed and focussed at the same time!?"

Sometimes I was, sometimes I wasn't. 

Its been some 3 years after which I am giving a formal exam. Quite a long time for any normal student! 
And I saw the old patterns coming up:- postponing the important and not so urgent till it became urgent, fantasising, day dreaming, escapism, shortcuts, regrets, building up of anxiety as the time of exam came closer, rise of body temperature, wishing to just go away somewhere else from the textbooks...!  
The difference was I was watching these and letting go... sticking to study for learning. and It went pretty good I say, this time. Its Just a Simple Skill.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Forever Bangalorean!

"Bangalore Mirror" did a fantastic job by inviting His Holiness Sri Sri Ravishankar, and arranging a Huge gathering of city folks to spend an evening with Him in Kantirava Stadium on 21st Feb! 

Wow, what a pleasant evening it was. Thousands of citizens from Bangalore, Flood Lights filling the stadium ground, and soothing melodious music. Lots of YES!+ Youth had gathered together and put up a kiosk on the occasion.


Without wasting time in formalities, Sri Sri immediately tuned up with Bangaloreans and spoke about various things we could do in Bangalore. First and foremost, clean and green bangalore. He sighted an example of a city in Maharashtra, where volunteers are taking brooms in hand, and cleaning up the city!!     

...

Friday, February 20, 2009


I seem to be writing the blog like a homework assignment! Never mind, commitment to something is better than to nothing.

Actually what stops one from being free totally is Habits. 
If you look at it, every now and then, you attain freedom. Be it during Long Sudarshan Kriya, Guruji's Darshan or just a satsang. How long do you Retain freedom!?

Liberated ones retain it on all times. It becomes their nature. That reminds me to write about Geetha.

The moment the freedom is attained, the old impressions/ habits come up. Knock knock, can I come in!? They ask. And "out of habit", one allows them to enter! 
Only way to come out of Habits is through Samyama- taking a vow. Home work:- Read the knowledge sheet on this! 

"When you are not committed, you will become lazy and eat here and there!"
"If you don't put habits into samyama, there will be illness and sorrow!"

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Re-arrangement of 5 elements

Aren't most of our desires nothing but just re-arrangement of 5 elements?

e.g. if you want a Car, it just means that you wish to get that tin/metal pot from factory/showroom to your home. for an alien, how it will look like? there is this box of tin, it gets moved from one place to another. and then the 5 feet few inches automaton(so called human being) spreads his uppar part of face ( lips ) and jumps (smiles and jumps)!

having food is another re-arrangement. and so on.

of course, when we re-arrange the 5 elements, there is something subtle energy that moves up within and  hence its good to keep re-arranging! 
However notice why that movement of energy happens... its because we have kept the condition in mind that IF i buy a car THEN i will be happy.. remove IF THEN, and be happy!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

full meals...

i was in a restaurant and ordered north indian mini meals. I hardly manage to order particular dishes, as they are pretty costly for a single person having dinner. as usual mind went into many thoughts and this came out:-

short term relationships are like the separate dishes that available:- don't really fill up oneself fully, and are costly!
long term relationships are like full meals:- they have all the variety, and economical!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Vaishnav Jan to tene kahiye je

Monday, February 16, 2009

playing with water...

"Bath", "cleaning the body" are too boring rituals for me. So I postpone them as further in the day as possible! But can't do it for long, cause I have to get out of home sometime or other!

Other day I rephrased it, and changed the act--- "Bath is now defined as playing with water!!"
Now there is no delay, whenever I wish, I go for playing with water!

Also breathing exercises are playing with breath,
Yoga is playing with body,
eating is playing with food...

And life is a game of living!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Selection without rejection

When you go to Supermarket or shopping complex... What happens? You want to buy a shirt and then you buy the one that is "best" and in your budget. Just see, in the process have you disqualified a whole lot of others!? 

Then what happens, next time when you go, its the lot that you have already rejected, so there is nothing to select!
What might be a better idea, is to select, while not rejecting others, considering them as equally viable options.

And this applies to a thousand other selections we do in the life. Be it language, life partner, nationality or religion there is selection. When you don't reject others, they too have a special place in your life inspite of de-selection. 

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's day!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Just listening

I was sitting in A2B hotel the other day, just after taking the food that I had received from the self-service counter. While I was munching on my masala dosa, I was saying, ohh there is so much noise here. It was a place full of people. I am in general quite fed up by noises, traffic, honking, loudspeakers, and now, even here for dinner, I have to listen to so much noise. 

Then I recalled Devang's favourite timespass:- just listening.

Something changed. I paused my eating for a while. Looking at a couple on the right, I listened to them. Some South Indian Language which I couldn't understand. Then the group of friends on left. Some laugh, light talk. Then the sweet delivery person on right front distant counter shouting to someone far, about some order. The person ordering food behind me, and the cashier replying. People at distance. Traffic at even distant road.
All the sounds got sorted out! IT was suddenly SILENT inside! :)

I noticed that there is a soundscape around me ... Just like when one sees one sight object on the right, one is not seeing that on left, sounds don't overlap, you follow them one by one. 

Unfortunately, ears don't have earlids like eyelids, to close them at will. So we can't shut the sounds falling on the ears. And since we don't want to listen them, it becomes a noise. Now there can be a noisy sound, but not a noisy picture. This is where sight and listening differs.

Watch "August Rush".

Thursday, February 12, 2009

You fill up my senses

Everyone has come here for some purpose. When they do that, something beautiful happens. What have I come here for?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

movie like

I was watching "Marley and Me" and noticed how nicely crafted the dialogs were. Why do movies and plays have a nice, audible dialogs where as in daily life its plain conversation!?
Pondering more I think its because:
They don't just blabber, they talk particular things
Lots of expressions

And of course, in a movie a lot of editing is done! if you see 24 hours of a celeb on camera for 24 hours, then even if it is directed and all, you would get bored! the duration of film is much shorter than the duration in which it happens/ is imagined to happen!
also, so much closeup zoom in and zoom out of camera, all sorts of crazy angles, lights and what not!
lil diff in reel life and real life!..

Some people have it though, even in real life, they smile, talk expressively, dress well and smart and i like such people. i like them!
With sadhana seva satsang, life is like a bond 007 life, only, here we win hearts of people!

I liked the gentle lighting lamps in movie rock on, instead of full flood of light that a tube light gives, in normal homes. Then I noticed, that its actually quite an inadequate lighting, if the tube light is not put up! lots of things not similar in real life than in reel one!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Dance Dance Dance!

The song that made me dance, still makes me shake up wake up when I hear it:-

14 Feb 2006.

3 Days before the grand Silver Jubilee Celebrations of the Art of Living Foundation.

10,000 International guests

Amphi Theater

In front of His Holiness Sri Sri RaviShankarji !!

Some 15 of us danced and danced and I don't know how it happened.

Rewind the time, 1 month or so before, I had no coordination between legs, hands,
beats and whatever!

Padmasadhana rounds, help by friends(just won't forget you guys!), and oh wow, what
a great choreographer...

Practise practise practise... when I got up, when I brushed teeth, after bath, on the walk to Institute, before and after dinner, hall, bedroom, terrace, practise places, nothing but

First time this body was thrilled with freedom of movement...

I never looked back, and dance is part of life, one way or other!

Monday, February 9, 2009

jaago re!

At last I have also got woken up. I hope you are already awake, else visit

Its a website which empowers you with the ability to become a voter!

Following are myths:
#1. I can vote only in my place of birth or permanant residence.
#2. I don't have enought proof of residence.
#3. Voter's ID card is essential for voting.
#4. Registering to vote is a cumbersome process.
#5. As a voter, I can vote in two different kinds of elections, assembly and parliamentary elections.

just grow up and vote.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

You have a choice!

It was one more of those days in my college life, when I was interested in nothing (except some girls may be...!).
However I had one habbit of being with good teachers. And I was hanging around a nice maths educational institute after a class. My teacher came out and we had a conversation...
He pointed me to one boy almost of my age, working on a construction site. He said, "right now, that boy is better off than me, because he is earning, and I am not. That boy is not dependent, unlike me. However, he said, That boy will be working there itself, for years to come, but you have a choice, you can progress further in life. "

Years later, I still remember those words, and keep reminding myself that I still have a choice, to keep progressing further in life, instead of getting in a job where I plough the field like a bull.
Its great that such beacons of light still exist in the world, showing the right way to thousands of youth.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Butt shows!

What's this new fashion about not wearing underpant AND wearing low waist jeans, showing off butts now and then! Ease of access or extra ventilation or something!? Is it that some girls are too unaware or I have extra observation skills! Well, I didn't have to do any extra efforts, it was obvious for all to see!

Nature of urge

Bondage is that which when not done, gives pain.
Have you noticed what happens when you get an urge/ desire?

There are three stages.
When the desire arises, it brings along excitation, promise of joy, a hope, anticipation and also some anxiety.
If you are lucky ( or unlucky! ask me later why!) enough, the desire gets fulfilled, and during its fulfillment there is a transient experience of joy, a thrill.
Lastly after fulfilling, one is tired.

If you don't necessarily run to fulfill a desire, be lazy in working for a desire, then you will see that desires rise and fall within you! They come and pass by.
Observing these three stages frees you from them.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Higher Taste!

Check out this shop for cake and sweets and bakery and ... few other things: Higher Taste!!
I had a great delight in gulping an absolutely delicious eggless pastry there today. I also packed up some bakery products and cakes... open till 10pm.
Location is, well, 38th cross, the same shopping complex which also hosts Cafe Coffee Day, in 4th block jayangar. near jayangar 4th block busstop.(of course, bangalore! :) )


From Narad Bhakti Sutras, a brilliant textbook on aphorisms of love and devotion...

Sometimes you tend to keep the divine away from a corner of your life... Then connection is incomplete. Share all the things, all aspects of your life with the divine. That is akhand-bhajan.Bhajan means sharing. Some people confuse it with singing for 24 hours. The point here is, share all, give all to the divine, and become empty!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

just like that.

one and half months ago i lost my 3rd (in 4 years) mobile.
I learnt that a friend had recently lost her ornaments, confusing a bag with another.
recently another friend lost a bag.
long ago another friend had lost a laptop while getting down from auto.

three days ago, i lost my hostel room key while travelling on my bike... don't know how that only came out from the bunch of keys!
it was late night, so i stayed at neighbour, next day they gave me duplicate key.

our new hostel rooms have this self locking system for slinding doors of balcony. i am quite particular to keep the mesh door locked to avoid any mosquitoes or flies coming in. this locking system is recently put in, and as usual i banged the mesh door when i went to put some clothes in balcony. i put the clothes and ... phew! i had locked myself out in the balcony!! hahaha!
then the guy with duplicate key came, but my door was bolted from inside, then they opened other rooms, came through that balcony to mine, (its kind of shared except for a railing, so that was easy), derailed the mesh door, then i squeezed through the gap to go in, and opened the mesh door and main door. husshh..
I was thinking i had really gone absent minded...
then today morning when I shared this with other students, I got to know of 4 more students who had on occassions locked themselves out of room, though not in balcony! I felt good that I was not the alone person messing up things.

Inspiration or Fear Psychosis!?

If you are studying/working somewhere, are you doing so because you don't want to fail/ for fame/ money/ power or because you are simply inspired to do it?

Working to meet deadlines/ to avoid fine /to continue being on to the job etc are all out of fear psychosis.

In the society, there have to be laws like if you do so and so crime, you will be fined or sent to jail for so much duration. The fear of this punishment brings down the crime rate.
However, people seem to be using similar tactic in daily life.
If you don't come on time, you will be fined. If you don't work well, you won't get so and so perks.

As an employer, organizer, governer, check if you are working by inducing fear in others or just by inspiring them to do things. See if you can make your associates fearless lions and lionesses.

In long run, fear based strategy won't work. Inspiration is everlasting.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Good Morning, presenting Valentine Special YES!+ !! :)

For the first time, presenting a YES!+ in the morning, from 12-18th Feb: 6:30 AM at Koramangala, Bangalore.

Dont know what is YES!+ ? Check out and

You are invited to apply for the program, we have limited seats, so hurry!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Learnt German

Hallo, Guten Tag!
Ich habe Deutsch gelernt. Ich habe zwei monaten Deutsch kurtz gegehen. Ich habe gute zeit in neue fremdsprache lernen. Lernen Sie Deutsch fur lesen mein blog in Deutch!
Wir lernen Deutsch mit zwei bucher:
Tangram Aktuall
Deutch in 30 Tagen von Angelika G Beck, bei die Goyal Publications.
Beide sind gute bucher.
Bitte Schon!
Auf Widersehen.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Right attitude for any deficiencies

When you see some flaw within yourself, your life, what do you do? Do you hide/supress/ignore/deny it? Or do you blame yourself for it?

Neither thing helps. Denial will keep it going as it is, and blaming will keep you away from overcoming it. Just acknowledge that I have this deficiency or fault in my ideas/ way of living, and work to improve it without self-pity, self-blame or self-bashing.

You were not asked before being sent in this world ! Why to attach oneself with one's positive or negative qualities!

Saturday, January 31, 2009

"Oh, you love me so much!" :)

There was a time when people were shy to express their love. So the "I love you"s became fashionable.
Now its time to recognise other people's love by conveying to them, "Oh, You love me so much!"
Often people are seen making effort to prove their love, and its nearly an impossible task, since its beyond proof or logic. If you recognize other people's love, then they will be free from a burden to prove it, and more love will flow to you!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Shower of Problems!

I have been utterly blessed with all sorts of problems this month:- health, work, ... you name it!
I feel fortunate because these make me recall the divine--- and really get close to the divine!
It shakes me from the fantasies and wakes me up to the reality.
And the divine doesn't give just problems, He offers solutions, and take you to bliss also!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Anything blocking!?

Our body is far from being a solid rock kind. It is more like a sponge. There are lots of channels and lot of space inside. They say if we were to compactify the material of our body, it would fit in a matchbox.

When something in your body is blocking the space, you get diseases. If nose is blocked, you have cold. If blood vessels are blocked, you get heart attack. When the digestive track is blocked, indigestion is happening, you get stomach ache. When there are blocks in urinary track, you get stones.

Water is the medicine, God is the doctor. Drink plenty of water daily, and keep in company of the Divine!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Health - II

Fermented food will require you longer time for digestion. Like Idly which is made out of fermented base.

Our body is alkaline and most of the food that we take is acidic. Even milk is acidic! This is only a relative comparison, when compared to our body. All boiled or roasted or fried food is acidic. So body has to do extra work to convert it from acidic to alkaline and then it becomes part of body. This requires extra energy and gives rise to tiredness.

Different parts in our body have different envioronments. Stomach is acidic, Intenstines are alkaline. Motion of food in intenstines happens only if it is alkaline. Thus a highly acidic food gives constipation. Food stays longer in stomach and causes vomitting sensations. Acidic food if made to pass through the intenstines, burns out cells leading to damage of internal boundaries of intenstine.
When you turn to right and left while sleeping, you add motion of food in intenstines with help of gravity.

Since most of the food is Acidic, it leaves only the choice of Fruits, Salad and Sprouts as alkaline food. Keeping a proportion of 60% alkaline 40% acidic relieves you from acidity and indigestion.
Further it saves body's energy, which can then be used to repair its wear and tear and expand the stamina.
Alkaline food is easiest remedy that can be implimented without much preparation, one just needs to keep track of the proportion of alkaline and acidic.

All that is taken in has to either get converted in part of body or removed out of body. Any residues cause stress. Same holds true for emotions that come up.

Vegetarian diet has full width of all proteins, vitamins needed for the body. However, in a modern day life one is taking a repeated diet of selected ingredients like a daily breakfast only of idly vada or something else. Then the Veg meal doesn't give all the required nutrients. One needs to make sure that variety of cereals, grains are taken in. Dryfruits and nuts also.
As such our body has a capacity that it can absorb all the elements directly from space through breath itself. However, till we learn that, one needs to have wholesome diet!
Sometimes one can take a full dose of multivitamins, under guidance of a physician.
While building body muscles, this is necessary. Else few cramps or muscle pull pains would put you off the track to build your body.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Health - I

If you have vomitting or vomitting sensation, take Jeera and Ajwain(Ova) and boil it in water and drink such hot syrup. You will feel better.

Stretching can keep you away from muscle pulls. Even in your workplace, keep stretching once in a while.

Cold(getting caught in rain, or driving in cold wind) can bring out suppressed body aches. Eucalyptus Oil by VLCC is good, massage and bath with hot water. Moov gel is good too. Volini gel is good too, somewhat artificial and strong in sensation. Volini spray can be used upon doctor's guidance. Theme here is to divert mind to other sensations. Taking attention to that part of body and breathing will also remove the pain.

Lots of water and Triphala will take care of constipation if any. Any stomach pain after it has been emptied could be due to pain to muscles in stomach also. Moov gel is useful. Stomach muscles do a lot of work to move around the food in the long intenstine. That's why there is a saying
"One who eats only once a day is a Yogi
One who eats twice a day is Bhogi (One who has learnt to balance between spiritual practise and worldly matters)
One who eats thrice a day is Rogi (sure to get diseases sometime in life)
One who eats four or more times a day, is ready to die!"
The science behind this is simple, unlike other organs, if one eats often, one is not giving rest to the stomach. Stomach keeps working over the dinner even in sleep. And then once in a while it rebels.
18-30 years of age one needs to learn how to 1. eat, 2. sleep and 3. experience the sense objects in proper manner. This if done with knowledge can save oneself from troubles and lay a solid foundation for the rest of the life.

In Ayurveda, any intake is called Food. Normal food for body, Food for thought you get from hearing to others, Food for all senses that you get from sense objects. Certain category of such intake can become poison, overindulgence or improper intake. And certain intake can become Medicine. Anything that uplifts the life within you is medicine, anything that puts you down is a poison. Anything that sustains your life is food. Ashtavakra begins with a saying,
If you wish to attain freedom, drop the objects of senses like poison.
Why so? Why would he call some objects of senses which seem to give pleasure as poison?
Because in your mind you will not have this craving or desire for something that is poisonous. When one thinks of objects of senses as sweets, mind craves for it.
In Narada Bhakti Sutras he says
Tarangapi Samudrayate
Even a slight indulgence in sense objects, which begins like a wave, turns into an ocean.
Hence keep distance from the sense objects.
Does it mean that you completely renounce them and cut yourself from the world?
No. This entire mechanism of sense objects and our interaction with them is explained wonderfully in Ch 2 of Bhagawat Geetha. May be sometime I will write a series on it. He says in verse 64, dropping all the cravings and aversions, experience the sense objects through sense organs.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Brahmanaad in Guinness Book of Records

This is just a beginning! :)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mein Geburstag!

My birthday this year on 22nd Jan 2009 was very special! :)
They say lots of energy flows to you from all sides, on your birthday!
The day began with good morning calls wishing me happy birthday from my family...
Did Kriya, Hari Om Meditationa...
Gave myself nice veg sandwich from Namdhari, with an eggless pastry!
Worked..., was waiting for the evening!! :)
The YES!+ in HAL old Airport road started on that day. Had a great time meeting new young people from different walks of life!
Celebrated birthday there with all them singing for me, and wishing!!
I kept humming the song they sang for me, sagar mein ek lehar uthi tere naam ki, replacing tere with mere, personalising, and found a different depth to its meaning, as I was travelling to Ashram afterwards...
This time I didn't go for a cake, but gave everyone my favourite dharwad ka pedha!! Tasty, easy to carry, easy to distribute!
Travelled with KK to Ashram for the final top of the world experience:) See this video!!

Guruji garlanded me, spoke a little, was an out of world moment to look into his eyes!! I carried a lasting smile for no reason after that...
Hundreds of good wishes, right from the heart, made it a great day for me, and sure will be a fantastic year ahead!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Madness or Brilliance

I just love this scene from Pirates of Carribean part 1:- the curse of black pearl. Jack and Will need a ship to get back Will's proposed gf, who has been kidnapped. Now of course, they will take one of the ships that are already floating around, in a pirate's way!To avoid being sighted by the soldiers, Jack and Will get down under a boat that is lying upside down on the seashore. Soon the boat enters the water, and they start walking with its cover, AT THE BOTTOM of the sea!! They do so till they reach the Big Ship that they want to "borrow withouth permission!"
Will:- This is either madness or sheer Brilliance
Captain Sparrow:- Its strange how often these two traits coincide!! :)
Reminds me of the "tunnel" that we had in the Maharashtra Mandal Swimming Pool in Pune. They had made a cavity where 5 people could easily breath in, with water till their chest. I never went there, but my brother did. So its like you jump in a well, go through the tunnel, and reach that cavity and stay there for some time! Quite an adventure. Of course, they used to take safety precautions for all.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Have a walk!

Some days ago I met Rajesh Sarma (The Kingmaker), and among other things for health fitness, he told me to go for walks. Now I am generally quite averse to walking, so I thought he meant nearby in Koramangala. He continued saying, go from Koramangala to Ashram for a satsang, by walk! :) I burst into laughter, it was surprise and strange, but interesting! I am someone who won't go without cycle from hostel to institute(and now bike), and going for a walk so far was a challenge!

And so I started out one day! It was 4:30 in afternoon. I had just finished the "Hari Om" Meditation and ensured that I had a comfortable stomach. Sun was warm.
Felt good that I knew all short-cuts.
Got to know the real definition of one kilometer. I actually measured one after another.

Saw a nice temple on the side. I used to pass by it fast on my bike. Now I went in and had a nice darshan. It was Vishnu the deity of maintainance, lying on the multi-headed snake, signifying hightened awareness.

I was heading to satsang in Ashram, not on just another walk. So the goal was pristine. I was not in a hurry, so I observed carefully all the life around. People moving around in a hurried way, eating, laughing, doing daily chores, waiting, ...
I noticed that many people on this planet still don't have proper sanitation facilities and live in slums.
The goal was noble and means were tough. The body was in constant action, but mind was quite effortless.

I realised why lacs of people travel by foot for hundreds of kilometers just to visit the place where a sage left his body, or a place where they take a purifying bath or a place of a deity. They are far from being in misery or pain, the entire intention to get close to divine is giving them bubbles of joy within, with every footstep they take. They are leaving behind their normal life, and moving towards the divine.

I had some juice and moved on for few more kilometers. Reaching Kanakpura road felt good. However it was getting dark and after some time I ate some food and took a bus. Bit tired, but not exhausted. There were nice tingling sensations in the legs, kind of energizing every cell. Legs had opened up to a new liveliness and no more aversion for walking!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Washed Vada!

I have a friend who didn't want to eat the sugar syrup, still taste the Gulab Jamun. So he would wash the Gulab Jamun of all the sugar syrup, squeeze it out, and then eat!

I recently pondered over "oh God, what am I eating!"
It happened because of three things
+the weight that I have put on
+ one day after eating Idly wada or Poori Bhaji, I had to use soap solution, for there was oil on my hand. If so much oil is on my hand, how much would have gone in my stomach and how much fat it would have produced!
+ I took the meals plate in the self service counter, and realised how heavy it was. If it was heavy to carry in the hand, how much heavy it would be to digest!

Conclusion:- drop oil. So I take oil free dosa. Just roasted, not fried. But what to do about Vada, since I like it a lot! So I get it washed now a days! Following my friend's footsteps!
May be I can get it parceled in a paper, and let the paper absorb all oil.

Friday, January 9, 2009

3 visitors

A man named "SwayamVrata" had built a nice home on top of a hill. He lived noble life, served society and worshipped Divine. One day a young lady visited him, saying she is travelling and needs some rest, her name was Mediocracy. SwayamVrata gave her a room out of kindness. Mediocracy liked the place, and she visited him often. Slowly SwayamVrata's mind started diverting from his social service and noble attitude. He became more casual and unattentive.
One day, Mediocracy brought with her, her friend Lazyness. Lazyness promised SwayamVrata a lot of comfort, so he allowed her to stay with her friend Mediocracy for a few days. Lazyness pursued his mind to move from his present daily rituals to much comfortable ones, and to take less and lesser tasks in the day, and keep postponing those which were to be done today. To avoid climing everyday, he also gave up the beautiful house on top of hill, and settled in the hill's bottom in a small house.
Finally, the cousin of Lazyness, Uncleanliness walked in for some days. With Mediocracy, Lazyness and Uncleanliness around, the house was in a Mess, and SwayamVrata lost his control in his life.
Later that day, he saw his friend Anushasan, walking by happily, fit-n-fine. With help of Anushasan, Swayamvrata asked the three ladies to move out of house, and got back to his noble life.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

How to sit on backseat of a two wheeler

I think this needs some kind of training, espacially if you are travelling with me on my Hond Activa.
1. Its not free. I charge 3Rs/km as a contribution towards petrol fund.
2. Don't grab my shoulders, they are important for me to balance and control the bike. A Gentle hold once in a while is OK.
3. Keep distance, there is ample space on Honda Activa. Also don't sit so disconnected that I will have to look back to know if you are there!
4. I know you are curious of what's happening in front of the road, and I am Huge enough to block it. But don't bend on right or left, I can easily make out, because, to balance the bike, then I have to bend in opposite direction! And Since I can't really bend, it puts unequal stress on two sides of my back, which is unhealthy.
5. So, to check if you are sitting properly, I need to rest my feet on ground, in the beginning, and when your feet are not on the ground, I need to make sure if there is same pressure on both of my feet. This holds good even if you are sitting both legs one sided.
6. Don't teach me how to drive, slow or fast. If you wish, you can take the driver's seat! FYI, I have an RTO approved licence.
7. If told in advance, an extra helmet can be made available. You travel on my bike at Your Risk.
8. Don't expect me to travel more for your sake, be happy to get to travel on my bike for the tour-length on which I am also travelling.
9. Humming is ok, and I won't mind you telling me to have a break and get some snack on a long journey.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Raising Valour

Raising the valour within is one of the ways to get out of any problems...
When you roar like a lion or walk with the majesty of an elephant, problems dare not stand in front of you.

This is a Marathi song...
Some of the lines mean...:

Brave we soldiers
Whom are we afraid off
For country, divine and righteousness
We have put our life on stake

From the womb of mother
We learnt the spirit of fight
We married the sword and loved it
Lacs of hits it can withstand, such a brave heart we have

Either win or drop dead in battle
This is all what we know
Fight and die, Live after death
This is all what we know

For the country
We gave up all the affection and relations
For country, divine and righteousness
We have put our life on stake

Brave we soldiers
Whom are we afraid off

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Book Review: Food Revolution

Check it out here. And have a great vegetarian year ahead!

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