Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Inspiration or Fear Psychosis!?

If you are studying/working somewhere, are you doing so because you don't want to fail/ for fame/ money/ power or because you are simply inspired to do it?

Working to meet deadlines/ to avoid fine /to continue being on to the job etc are all out of fear psychosis.

In the society, there have to be laws like if you do so and so crime, you will be fined or sent to jail for so much duration. The fear of this punishment brings down the crime rate.
However, people seem to be using similar tactic in daily life.
If you don't come on time, you will be fined. If you don't work well, you won't get so and so perks.

As an employer, organizer, governer, check if you are working by inducing fear in others or just by inspiring them to do things. See if you can make your associates fearless lions and lionesses.

In long run, fear based strategy won't work. Inspiration is everlasting.


Anonymous said...

hmmm good observation! :)

Like they say only two things inspire you to do anything!

Love or Fear(fear is a form of love)!

Choice is ours! :)

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