Wednesday, February 4, 2009

just like that.

one and half months ago i lost my 3rd (in 4 years) mobile.
I learnt that a friend had recently lost her ornaments, confusing a bag with another.
recently another friend lost a bag.
long ago another friend had lost a laptop while getting down from auto.

three days ago, i lost my hostel room key while travelling on my bike... don't know how that only came out from the bunch of keys!
it was late night, so i stayed at neighbour, next day they gave me duplicate key.

our new hostel rooms have this self locking system for slinding doors of balcony. i am quite particular to keep the mesh door locked to avoid any mosquitoes or flies coming in. this locking system is recently put in, and as usual i banged the mesh door when i went to put some clothes in balcony. i put the clothes and ... phew! i had locked myself out in the balcony!! hahaha!
then the guy with duplicate key came, but my door was bolted from inside, then they opened other rooms, came through that balcony to mine, (its kind of shared except for a railing, so that was easy), derailed the mesh door, then i squeezed through the gap to go in, and opened the mesh door and main door. husshh..
I was thinking i had really gone absent minded...
then today morning when I shared this with other students, I got to know of 4 more students who had on occassions locked themselves out of room, though not in balcony! I felt good that I was not the alone person messing up things.


Unknown said...

Abhay!!! Hahaha!!! Locked in the balcony.. thats amazing... You are so cool

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