Wednesday, February 11, 2009

movie like

I was watching "Marley and Me" and noticed how nicely crafted the dialogs were. Why do movies and plays have a nice, audible dialogs where as in daily life its plain conversation!?
Pondering more I think its because:
They don't just blabber, they talk particular things
Lots of expressions

And of course, in a movie a lot of editing is done! if you see 24 hours of a celeb on camera for 24 hours, then even if it is directed and all, you would get bored! the duration of film is much shorter than the duration in which it happens/ is imagined to happen!
also, so much closeup zoom in and zoom out of camera, all sorts of crazy angles, lights and what not!
lil diff in reel life and real life!..

Some people have it though, even in real life, they smile, talk expressively, dress well and smart and i like such people. i like them!
With sadhana seva satsang, life is like a bond 007 life, only, here we win hearts of people!

I liked the gentle lighting lamps in movie rock on, instead of full flood of light that a tube light gives, in normal homes. Then I noticed, that its actually quite an inadequate lighting, if the tube light is not put up! lots of things not similar in real life than in reel one!


Unknown said...

nice observations...a well turned out person can really uplift the mood. And yes, sadhana has made us more sensitive to the same!

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