Saturday, February 7, 2009

You have a choice!

It was one more of those days in my college life, when I was interested in nothing (except some girls may be...!).
However I had one habbit of being with good teachers. And I was hanging around a nice maths educational institute after a class. My teacher came out and we had a conversation...
He pointed me to one boy almost of my age, working on a construction site. He said, "right now, that boy is better off than me, because he is earning, and I am not. That boy is not dependent, unlike me. However, he said, That boy will be working there itself, for years to come, but you have a choice, you can progress further in life. "

Years later, I still remember those words, and keep reminding myself that I still have a choice, to keep progressing further in life, instead of getting in a job where I plough the field like a bull.
Its great that such beacons of light still exist in the world, showing the right way to thousands of youth.


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