Thursday, February 26, 2009

What gives value to what?

Right from my childhood, I have been aware of what gives value to which thing!

I was in 6th standard. I had gone to Sangli, from Pune, and easily solved a puzzle competion in a local festival contest. They called me on stage and asked, "which place do you like more, pune or sangli !?" I said, "since my father is here right now, I like Sangli !!" My this quick and innocent reply was probably not expected by the organizer, and he burst into laughter, along with all the audience, clapping and laughing!

So when I heard this in His Holiness Sri Sri Ravishankarji's Commentary on Narad Bhakti Sutra, I was happy to see that this has been in me since long! He says:- Do you get value because you are wearing a necklace, or a necklace gets a value because you are wearing it!? A shawl is important because of the person who wears it. A stick carried by Gandhiji is important because it was used by him.

Instead of wanting something for myself, I ask:- does it worth deserve me?

I like Bangalore, because I have so many friends here. So also, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Germany, France, US! I like some languages because my friends speak them too. :) And I like to learn those. Now that I have friends all over the world, It seems that I will end up learning all the world's languages!! hahaha!


komal said...

nice post..

nands said...

Really a good one.
Jai Guru Dev.

Sunand said...

wow! u gave a nice answer!

Abhay Karnataki said...

thanks Komal, NandS.
Sunand, Children give nice answers no! I remembered this one I gave quite well! :)

Anonymous said...

well, it depends.

Anonymous said...

MK Gandhi's lathi is not worth a dime, zilch. He would better be called the father who killed Mother India.

Abhay Karnataki said...

@ Anonymous #2:- dude/dudette, if you don't care about the lathi, no problem, But if you think he killed mother India, you need to brush up you knowledge of history. And not through the kids' textbooks devoid of many details, but the Real History of India.
Mahatma Gandhi was the person who got freedom to India, by uniting the people. His study of scriptures, his meditation, singing and getting others involved into singing the devotional songs, his non-violence and truth based struggle, were the ones that uplifted this whole nation's civilians, and united them against the foreigners. If not for him, the scattered civilians could have been ruled for longer than you can imagine, and we won't be in freedom !

Before you even speak about him, think twice as to what You have contributed to the nation, and next time be brave to reveal your identity for what you claim. I have blocked the anonymous comments.

Unknown said...

Thts exactly what I am saying -- don't read the kids text books, they don’t have real history. Infact what you state of Gandhi sounds more like from the kids text books. As far as my history knowledge is concerned its well beyond most to be modest and certainly can look through most smoke screens created by current day history text books. I am not the one who would believe that Taj Mahal was built by Shahjahan just because the 6th standard history text book censored by some vote bank conscious congi states so.

Afa MKG is concerned he did exactly opposite to what you have described.

And wake up, we did not get freedom due to non-violence. It was the British who used the smoke screen of non-violence created by MKG to their benefit, saying that they are quiting because of non-violent protests as they did not wanted to admit how badly they were being bruised by the violent protests being carried out by Netaji, Rajaguru, Chaphekar bandhu, Bhagatsingh, et. Al. These are the real people who united people and gave them the direction. These were the people who gave the righteous reply to British making them to finally quit India.

MKG was the smoke screen used / glamorized by British to hide their defeat and was further used by Congress to retain power. He was the worst thing that happened to India. As far as my contribution to India, its anytime better than him -- I am not a traitor who stabbed mother India. If you think non-violence, singing songs brings freedom, Tibet would have been long freed.

Unknown said...

@anonymous2:Abhay, It's me your all weather friend.

Abhay Karnataki said...

ok Vinod, we will talk more about this in person. I really don't mind who all have what opinions about Gandhiji, that doesn't change my opinion about him!
"Difference of opinions in the intelligent people is good for progress of society!"
- Sri Sri.

I don't undermine contributions by Netaji and others, they were necessary gems. That doesn't in any way reduce the contributions by Gandhiji.
In the freedom fight everyone gave their best contribution - that's why we are free right now!

Nonviolence will give back nonviolence, Violence will give back violence.
Only mistake Gandhji did was that he was violent to himself, particularly the long fastings and such things, and hence met violence in the end.
So compassion is recommended in place of non-violence, as compassion include both oneself and others, non-violence is mainly to others.

Tibet lacked Kshatriya attitude. India will take care of her in near future.

The political power takes turns in the world. British, US, Russia, were in power in different times. Capitalism broke down some of them, and communism the other. Recent market slowdown has removed misconceptions about power of money also! A right governance system has to come up. It has been mentioned somewhere, will get back on this.

vinay said...

A very beautiful post Abhay. You are priceless.


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