Thursday, February 19, 2009

Re-arrangement of 5 elements

Aren't most of our desires nothing but just re-arrangement of 5 elements?

e.g. if you want a Car, it just means that you wish to get that tin/metal pot from factory/showroom to your home. for an alien, how it will look like? there is this box of tin, it gets moved from one place to another. and then the 5 feet few inches automaton(so called human being) spreads his uppar part of face ( lips ) and jumps (smiles and jumps)!

having food is another re-arrangement. and so on.

of course, when we re-arrange the 5 elements, there is something subtle energy that moves up within and  hence its good to keep re-arranging! 
However notice why that movement of energy happens... its because we have kept the condition in mind that IF i buy a car THEN i will be happy.. remove IF THEN, and be happy!


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