Sunday, February 22, 2009

gave an exam...! Abschluss Prufung.

Ending exam of the German class. Es geht gut.

I was watching during the prep, am I "relaxed and focussed at the same time!?"

Sometimes I was, sometimes I wasn't. 

Its been some 3 years after which I am giving a formal exam. Quite a long time for any normal student! 
And I saw the old patterns coming up:- postponing the important and not so urgent till it became urgent, fantasising, day dreaming, escapism, shortcuts, regrets, building up of anxiety as the time of exam came closer, rise of body temperature, wishing to just go away somewhere else from the textbooks...!  
The difference was I was watching these and letting go... sticking to study for learning. and It went pretty good I say, this time. Its Just a Simple Skill.


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