Friday, February 13, 2009

Just listening

I was sitting in A2B hotel the other day, just after taking the food that I had received from the self-service counter. While I was munching on my masala dosa, I was saying, ohh there is so much noise here. It was a place full of people. I am in general quite fed up by noises, traffic, honking, loudspeakers, and now, even here for dinner, I have to listen to so much noise. 

Then I recalled Devang's favourite timespass:- just listening.

Something changed. I paused my eating for a while. Looking at a couple on the right, I listened to them. Some South Indian Language which I couldn't understand. Then the group of friends on left. Some laugh, light talk. Then the sweet delivery person on right front distant counter shouting to someone far, about some order. The person ordering food behind me, and the cashier replying. People at distance. Traffic at even distant road.
All the sounds got sorted out! IT was suddenly SILENT inside! :)

I noticed that there is a soundscape around me ... Just like when one sees one sight object on the right, one is not seeing that on left, sounds don't overlap, you follow them one by one. 

Unfortunately, ears don't have earlids like eyelids, to close them at will. So we can't shut the sounds falling on the ears. And since we don't want to listen them, it becomes a noise. Now there can be a noisy sound, but not a noisy picture. This is where sight and listening differs.

Watch "August Rush".


suman said...

Good. i will also try the same next time!

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