Friday, February 20, 2009


I seem to be writing the blog like a homework assignment! Never mind, commitment to something is better than to nothing.

Actually what stops one from being free totally is Habits. 
If you look at it, every now and then, you attain freedom. Be it during Long Sudarshan Kriya, Guruji's Darshan or just a satsang. How long do you Retain freedom!?

Liberated ones retain it on all times. It becomes their nature. That reminds me to write about Geetha.

The moment the freedom is attained, the old impressions/ habits come up. Knock knock, can I come in!? They ask. And "out of habit", one allows them to enter! 
Only way to come out of Habits is through Samyama- taking a vow. Home work:- Read the knowledge sheet on this! 

"When you are not committed, you will become lazy and eat here and there!"
"If you don't put habits into samyama, there will be illness and sorrow!"


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