Monday, March 9, 2009

Destination reached!?

I am about to finish my work, and Sabari has settled in Denmark. Looks like "Life in full speed!" has come a long way now, and possibly reached its destination. Or may be just another halt. Who knows. Depends on readers! They are the fuel who pulled this blog to 200+ posts! Yes, its more than enough material for a semester course or a book to be published!

I am quite addicted to writing a blog, so the flow is unavoidable though! There are some topics here which still have more in my mind, and deserve to be posted. And there are some more topics, which were promised earlier, but not posted! So looks like the journey will go on, even after having reached the destination! Let's see, comment as to what category or posts you liked most, will post on those topics. Or, comment as to what you would like to read about, and I will post about it.

Let's see. Since I am fascinated by wordpress, may be I will write something out of nothing.

Since I like to report my favorite engagement, I might tour you in YES!+ activities.

Or I might just scribble something in German. There you can play a guessing game, just write in comments, whatever you guess that German post means! I would correct it with what I meant! German is very close to English. So its hardly a difficulty to guess. Also, you can just get it translated from google!

We have decided to keep the Candid Eye on the events and concern of our India.

Do you know how many Saints have happened in India! This is a land of saints. Inform me of those you know, who are not mentioned in the Land of Saints archieve.

Finally, a little bit of physics fundae is welcome anyday! I intend to write about Physics in daily life, so pose some questions about nature, and you could get to know of the Physics mechanism behind!

Each of the topics tagged in this blog deserve a blog of its own! May be I will write about Bhagawath Geetha (The song of divine) sometime. Let's see, to sing the song of divine needs some practise!


Sunday, March 8, 2009

Who has the time!

When the time to spend with loved ones, is so short, who has the time to hate others, get angry on them, scheme a revenge for them, laze in fantasy or dream of heavens.

In an average lifetime of 80 years, 40 years are spent sleeping. Then 2 hours a day in Eating, take out 8 more years. Then 1-1.5 hours a day in Bathroom. Take out some more years. Then, transport. few more years gone. finally you do some much work for just financial sustenance.  And then, few hours a day, you spend with your loved ones... count how much time we have! and as you grow, time seems to fly faster!

One who thinks, I have lot of time, becomes lazy. One who sees the short amount of time available, becomes illustrious.

This lifetime is long enough to see the fruits of our actions, and is short enough to postpone anything good.

Don't Panic! Here is the hitchhikers' guide to galaxy!

Well, you might have, once is a while, bought a city tour guide and a map guide or so. If you were
to roam around in the whole of the galaxy, what you would refer to!?

I finally saw this wonderful movie, the video based on the book "The hitchhikers' guide to galaxy"! 
It was great to read the book first, and film meets up with all expectations and much more.
In a book reading, there is so much for personal imagination, that adds fun!

Douglas Adams did a remarkable job by thinking out of box for his (hitchhikers') guide to galaxy!

Its amazing how when one let's go off the binding of usual concepts, an idea with a stroke of 
divine downs in naturally!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

guitar class is back!

Its been two years or more

When I plucked few strings
And its time to take it back
And play some scales and chords

When I hold it in my hands
And breath in some life
And pluck few strings
It gives such a nice sense of music

I recollected and applied many Patanjali Yoga Sutras, while learning German. I hope same strategy will work for Guitar classes:
Honouring the practise, the teacher, the practitioner
Any practise is a practise, when done over a long enough time, without break, with honor.
Teevra samveganam asannam It is easy for someone who does it with full intensity.

things under water... :)

Bought a new goggle for swimming. Experience of it was mixed, good, as I can now keep my eyes open under water also, and not so good as the size is bit smaller, so sometime water goes in, and once when I dived, the goggle came out of eyes and rested on my lips! so not so good fitting.

The nice part is the way things look when I am under water!! Its like:- a sense of hearing, which is not blocked unless you are in a secluded place, is blocked. And a whole new world of sight is opened up:- seeing the bubbles of water splashed by movement of people swimming, the radiance caused by them, the scattered light filling up till the bottom of the pool(yes, they have maintained it well, i can see the botttom.) is a new experience!
It reminds me of the movie The life Aquatic. Thanks to Bawa! Its a fantastic comedy, bit adult, and a delightful venture in the marine life.

It is also one of the first movies, whose director's commentary I heard. Its interesting how these people come up with the ideas that result in a movie.

 Surely one more thing added to my things to do after PhD is :- Scuba diving!! :)

Friday, March 6, 2009

new venture

Thanks to Shaila and Maddy I am waking up at 4:30 types, which I can't believe in myself, and going for a group sadhana. Its a long term initiative (I would probably participate for atleast the summer, as otherwise I find Bengaluru pretty cold to get up so early) and its been three days now.
Its interesting to set out yourself when Sun is still on the other side of the planet, and check out what's happening outside.
When you are asleep, there is no problem in the mind- you only see the problems when you are awake- and also create problems! If the whole world goes to sleep on exactly the same time for 24 hours, I guess the problems in world would definitely reduce!
Its interesting though, even at 1 in night or 4/5 in early morning, in India, there are always some people on the streets. Its like, atleast some people dont sleep.
So when the mind is largely sleepy and little bit awake, in between 4-6am, and also there is so much silence outside, the meditation happens naturally! Its easy.
Plans are big. Let's see how things go.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Its absolute fun to get back to swimming these days! It was third day today. Its summer time in Bangalore, so its easy to swim in cold/normal temperature water. 

I am observing how body is getting ready day by day to this sport and exercise activity. I can feel exactly which muscle in biceps is used, exactly which muscle in thigh is getting exercise!
Its interesting, when you are in water, you don't feel so tired, when you climb out of the pool, you can suddenly feel so much more weight!
This is one exercise where breathing is highly important:- as it is one is struggling not to drown(!) :) and avoiding water entering in mouth or nose... and in addition, suddenly you can get tired, will be out of breath!
From my previous swimming experience I have learnt that I need to do swimming with proper warm up. Else in middle of pool if one gets a cramp or muscle pull, that's it! Quite awkward. I am going to start a full fledged multivitamin course also, as the muscles need it.

I only know two types of swimming strokes- straight forward hand motion, tortoise like swimming. Would like to learn other two common ones this summer:- butterfly and backstroke. In both these others, there is more chance of water going in nose once in a while, so I haven't managed it yet. 

However in Diwali vacation in Mumbai, I learnt how to just float for a while on water... Its a skill!! You know, the babies can do it effortlessly! Because effortlessness is the key! And they are good at it. Very Very young babies only. And of course don't experiment unless you are expert in handling them! They can do so in a bath tub... The thing is, our body has enough air and other empty space to make it float on water. The density of body is very close to that of water! So there is saying in Marathi which  means "Strange is the way of water, it drowns a live man, and keeps floating a corpse!" Yeah corpse floats on water! And so the key to float is to be like a corpse:- effortless! :) And in that effortless state of mind and body you can also feel oneness with water element, air flowing in and around, the space above and fire in form of sunlight... 

And today two guys were swimming in another interesting way!! They swam :--- well, its tough to describe, you should have seen them, and I couldn't stop laughing for long after that --- They swam in the direction of their legs!!! so stomach was on water, their motion is not in the direction of head, but legs! they move the hands in opposite direction!! :) Its good to have number of  regular swimmers in the pool, along with amatures and novice. The Jayanagar swimming pool is very well maintained by corporation, there is nice mechanism to clean feet before entering, the pool is wide and long, goes upto 16 feet deep, and you can see the bottom even in 16 feet!!

hmmm. so to do thing is to buy a hair cap, goggles, ear cap, and get professional help for learning remaining forms of swimming now! lots to do.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

new Laptop

Bought a new laptop! Mac Powerbook G4. Thanks to a wish fulfilling angel!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Fortune found

Oh! Fortune It Is. 

To Be, With You; To Be.

Who Are You And Who Am I.

And What this World Is.

The Day it all Began

In a lovely Morning Sunrise

The Clouds Floating in the Sky

And the Big Tall Trees

That Smile of Yours

And a cup of Hot Drink

A Walk to the Lake

And the mist on the road

Animals in the Zoo

The Deities in the Temple

A walk in the Garden

The Popcorn and laughter in Theatre

The Sun Went by So Fast on the Sky

The Dusty way back on a bumpy road

Standing in the Bus with its cracking Noises

The Fireflies that Showed us the way

Moments to cherish they shall always be

To stand with thee

Do you know who are We...

Monday, March 2, 2009

3 phases of any work

Obviously, you would say, if I note that there are three phases to any work:- beginning, continuation, completion. :)

Yeah it is important to note how these are related to three energies:- Brahama Vishnu Mahesh:- creative, maintenance and transformation. 
In the beginning you need good new ideas, in the continuation, you need to sustain these initiatives, and completion is essentially a transformation of this work to its goal, and thereby leading to new beginning. 

In any activity, you can see which part is taking you long time. Or which part is not working properly. 
I tend to begin new things absolutely easily! Lots of new initiatives almost daily! :) then some of them are sustained, and few of them are completed! :) 
So now I am focussing on some completions... 

Sunday, March 1, 2009

@ a fashion show

from the "nida for skin" fashion show at olive beach, long back. sizzling catwalk and music full of beats... lower left is Nida herself, the designer. right is a wonderful model who performed a dance also. cool evening it was. when seen in person, rather than on television, a glimpse of fashion world is more of a electrifying nature, rather than sensationalizing.
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