Monday, March 9, 2009

Destination reached!?

I am about to finish my work, and Sabari has settled in Denmark. Looks like "Life in full speed!" has come a long way now, and possibly reached its destination. Or may be just another halt. Who knows. Depends on readers! They are the fuel who pulled this blog to 200+ posts! Yes, its more than enough material for a semester course or a book to be published!

I am quite addicted to writing a blog, so the flow is unavoidable though! There are some topics here which still have more in my mind, and deserve to be posted. And there are some more topics, which were promised earlier, but not posted! So looks like the journey will go on, even after having reached the destination! Let's see, comment as to what category or posts you liked most, will post on those topics. Or, comment as to what you would like to read about, and I will post about it.

Let's see. Since I am fascinated by wordpress, may be I will write something out of nothing.

Since I like to report my favorite engagement, I might tour you in YES!+ activities.

Or I might just scribble something in German. There you can play a guessing game, just write in comments, whatever you guess that German post means! I would correct it with what I meant! German is very close to English. So its hardly a difficulty to guess. Also, you can just get it translated from google!

We have decided to keep the Candid Eye on the events and concern of our India.

Do you know how many Saints have happened in India! This is a land of saints. Inform me of those you know, who are not mentioned in the Land of Saints archieve.

Finally, a little bit of physics fundae is welcome anyday! I intend to write about Physics in daily life, so pose some questions about nature, and you could get to know of the Physics mechanism behind!

Each of the topics tagged in this blog deserve a blog of its own! May be I will write about Bhagawath Geetha (The song of divine) sometime. Let's see, to sing the song of divine needs some practise!



Dinesh Nath said...

hi abhay nice to see you getting ready for getting out of ur phd stuff.. I am working on a blog with all guru stories and i m calling it

have a look though it is under construction i m not able to put the pic on the blogger head can u help me with that..

Amrita Sinha said...

Hi, I think you write well and the blog writing is a journey so go on and follow your thoughts and ideas and let all know about them.

Amrita Sinha said...

Hi,let the blog writing journey continue and share your ideas and thoughts with all :)

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Just Connect said...

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Just Connect said...

We have organized International Bloggers Conference on 6th January 2013

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