Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Fortune found

Oh! Fortune It Is. 

To Be, With You; To Be.

Who Are You And Who Am I.

And What this World Is.

The Day it all Began

In a lovely Morning Sunrise

The Clouds Floating in the Sky

And the Big Tall Trees

That Smile of Yours

And a cup of Hot Drink

A Walk to the Lake

And the mist on the road

Animals in the Zoo

The Deities in the Temple

A walk in the Garden

The Popcorn and laughter in Theatre

The Sun Went by So Fast on the Sky

The Dusty way back on a bumpy road

Standing in the Bus with its cracking Noises

The Fireflies that Showed us the way

Moments to cherish they shall always be

To stand with thee

Do you know who are We...


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