Monday, March 2, 2009

3 phases of any work

Obviously, you would say, if I note that there are three phases to any work:- beginning, continuation, completion. :)

Yeah it is important to note how these are related to three energies:- Brahama Vishnu Mahesh:- creative, maintenance and transformation. 
In the beginning you need good new ideas, in the continuation, you need to sustain these initiatives, and completion is essentially a transformation of this work to its goal, and thereby leading to new beginning. 

In any activity, you can see which part is taking you long time. Or which part is not working properly. 
I tend to begin new things absolutely easily! Lots of new initiatives almost daily! :) then some of them are sustained, and few of them are completed! :) 
So now I am focussing on some completions... 


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