Saturday, March 7, 2009

things under water... :)

Bought a new goggle for swimming. Experience of it was mixed, good, as I can now keep my eyes open under water also, and not so good as the size is bit smaller, so sometime water goes in, and once when I dived, the goggle came out of eyes and rested on my lips! so not so good fitting.

The nice part is the way things look when I am under water!! Its like:- a sense of hearing, which is not blocked unless you are in a secluded place, is blocked. And a whole new world of sight is opened up:- seeing the bubbles of water splashed by movement of people swimming, the radiance caused by them, the scattered light filling up till the bottom of the pool(yes, they have maintained it well, i can see the botttom.) is a new experience!
It reminds me of the movie The life Aquatic. Thanks to Bawa! Its a fantastic comedy, bit adult, and a delightful venture in the marine life.

It is also one of the first movies, whose director's commentary I heard. Its interesting how these people come up with the ideas that result in a movie.

 Surely one more thing added to my things to do after PhD is :- Scuba diving!! :)


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