Saturday, February 28, 2009

The POE factor

Your life is interaction with world in three ways:-
You Observe the world with 5 senses,
You Perceive the world,
You Express yourself in the world.

The Observation, Perception and Expression decide how successful you will be in the world.

And the same faculties in others can help you understand them better. When someone doesn't notice your help or love, you can say, "oh poor in observation." When someone doesn't understand what you are telling them, "oh he/she needs to improve Perception." And when someone is not speaking well or enough to you, you can say, "oh, he/she needs to improve on expression."

You need detailed, minute and diversified Observation; clear and communal Perception and natural and authentic Expression. Regular practise of Sudarshan Kriya and Meditation enhances your POE factor. :)

When you leave a comment, I know that you have observed my post, perceived something out of it, and I am glad you expressed! :)


suman said...

Haan Ji! hum bhi apna POE factor badana chahte hain! :-))

komal said...

yup very true... will ad dteh links to the blog soon.. jgd..

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