Friday, January 9, 2009

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A man named "SwayamVrata" had built a nice home on top of a hill. He lived noble life, served society and worshipped Divine. One day a young lady visited him, saying she is travelling and needs some rest, her name was Mediocracy. SwayamVrata gave her a room out of kindness. Mediocracy liked the place, and she visited him often. Slowly SwayamVrata's mind started diverting from his social service and noble attitude. He became more casual and unattentive.
One day, Mediocracy brought with her, her friend Lazyness. Lazyness promised SwayamVrata a lot of comfort, so he allowed her to stay with her friend Mediocracy for a few days. Lazyness pursued his mind to move from his present daily rituals to much comfortable ones, and to take less and lesser tasks in the day, and keep postponing those which were to be done today. To avoid climing everyday, he also gave up the beautiful house on top of hill, and settled in the hill's bottom in a small house.
Finally, the cousin of Lazyness, Uncleanliness walked in for some days. With Mediocracy, Lazyness and Uncleanliness around, the house was in a Mess, and SwayamVrata lost his control in his life.
Later that day, he saw his friend Anushasan, walking by happily, fit-n-fine. With help of Anushasan, Swayamvrata asked the three ladies to move out of house, and got back to his noble life.

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