Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mein Geburstag!

My birthday this year on 22nd Jan 2009 was very special! :)
They say lots of energy flows to you from all sides, on your birthday!
The day began with good morning calls wishing me happy birthday from my family...
Did Kriya, Hari Om Meditationa...
Gave myself nice veg sandwich from Namdhari, with an eggless pastry!
Worked..., was waiting for the evening!! :)
The YES!+ in HAL old Airport road started on that day. Had a great time meeting new young people from different walks of life!
Celebrated birthday there with all them singing for me, and wishing!!
I kept humming the song they sang for me, sagar mein ek lehar uthi tere naam ki, replacing tere with mere, personalising, and found a different depth to its meaning, as I was travelling to Ashram afterwards...
This time I didn't go for a cake, but gave everyone my favourite dharwad ka pedha!! Tasty, easy to carry, easy to distribute!
Travelled with KK to Ashram for the final top of the world experience:) See this video!!

Guruji garlanded me, spoke a little, was an out of world moment to look into his eyes!! I carried a lasting smile for no reason after that...
Hundreds of good wishes, right from the heart, made it a great day for me, and sure will be a fantastic year ahead!!


Unknown said...

Oh my.. I am sorry , I didnt wish you!!! Belated Happy Birthday :).. And you are looking like an angel with that flower garland on your head

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