Saturday, January 10, 2009

Washed Vada!

I have a friend who didn't want to eat the sugar syrup, still taste the Gulab Jamun. So he would wash the Gulab Jamun of all the sugar syrup, squeeze it out, and then eat!

I recently pondered over "oh God, what am I eating!"
It happened because of three things
+the weight that I have put on
+ one day after eating Idly wada or Poori Bhaji, I had to use soap solution, for there was oil on my hand. If so much oil is on my hand, how much would have gone in my stomach and how much fat it would have produced!
+ I took the meals plate in the self service counter, and realised how heavy it was. If it was heavy to carry in the hand, how much heavy it would be to digest!

Conclusion:- drop oil. So I take oil free dosa. Just roasted, not fried. But what to do about Vada, since I like it a lot! So I get it washed now a days! Following my friend's footsteps!
May be I can get it parceled in a paper, and let the paper absorb all oil.


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