Thursday, January 8, 2009

How to sit on backseat of a two wheeler

I think this needs some kind of training, espacially if you are travelling with me on my Hond Activa.
1. Its not free. I charge 3Rs/km as a contribution towards petrol fund.
2. Don't grab my shoulders, they are important for me to balance and control the bike. A Gentle hold once in a while is OK.
3. Keep distance, there is ample space on Honda Activa. Also don't sit so disconnected that I will have to look back to know if you are there!
4. I know you are curious of what's happening in front of the road, and I am Huge enough to block it. But don't bend on right or left, I can easily make out, because, to balance the bike, then I have to bend in opposite direction! And Since I can't really bend, it puts unequal stress on two sides of my back, which is unhealthy.
5. So, to check if you are sitting properly, I need to rest my feet on ground, in the beginning, and when your feet are not on the ground, I need to make sure if there is same pressure on both of my feet. This holds good even if you are sitting both legs one sided.
6. Don't teach me how to drive, slow or fast. If you wish, you can take the driver's seat! FYI, I have an RTO approved licence.
7. If told in advance, an extra helmet can be made available. You travel on my bike at Your Risk.
8. Don't expect me to travel more for your sake, be happy to get to travel on my bike for the tour-length on which I am also travelling.
9. Humming is ok, and I won't mind you telling me to have a break and get some snack on a long journey.


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