Sunday, January 25, 2009

Health - I

If you have vomitting or vomitting sensation, take Jeera and Ajwain(Ova) and boil it in water and drink such hot syrup. You will feel better.

Stretching can keep you away from muscle pulls. Even in your workplace, keep stretching once in a while.

Cold(getting caught in rain, or driving in cold wind) can bring out suppressed body aches. Eucalyptus Oil by VLCC is good, massage and bath with hot water. Moov gel is good too. Volini gel is good too, somewhat artificial and strong in sensation. Volini spray can be used upon doctor's guidance. Theme here is to divert mind to other sensations. Taking attention to that part of body and breathing will also remove the pain.

Lots of water and Triphala will take care of constipation if any. Any stomach pain after it has been emptied could be due to pain to muscles in stomach also. Moov gel is useful. Stomach muscles do a lot of work to move around the food in the long intenstine. That's why there is a saying
"One who eats only once a day is a Yogi
One who eats twice a day is Bhogi (One who has learnt to balance between spiritual practise and worldly matters)
One who eats thrice a day is Rogi (sure to get diseases sometime in life)
One who eats four or more times a day, is ready to die!"
The science behind this is simple, unlike other organs, if one eats often, one is not giving rest to the stomach. Stomach keeps working over the dinner even in sleep. And then once in a while it rebels.
18-30 years of age one needs to learn how to 1. eat, 2. sleep and 3. experience the sense objects in proper manner. This if done with knowledge can save oneself from troubles and lay a solid foundation for the rest of the life.

In Ayurveda, any intake is called Food. Normal food for body, Food for thought you get from hearing to others, Food for all senses that you get from sense objects. Certain category of such intake can become poison, overindulgence or improper intake. And certain intake can become Medicine. Anything that uplifts the life within you is medicine, anything that puts you down is a poison. Anything that sustains your life is food. Ashtavakra begins with a saying,
If you wish to attain freedom, drop the objects of senses like poison.
Why so? Why would he call some objects of senses which seem to give pleasure as poison?
Because in your mind you will not have this craving or desire for something that is poisonous. When one thinks of objects of senses as sweets, mind craves for it.
In Narada Bhakti Sutras he says
Tarangapi Samudrayate
Even a slight indulgence in sense objects, which begins like a wave, turns into an ocean.
Hence keep distance from the sense objects.
Does it mean that you completely renounce them and cut yourself from the world?
No. This entire mechanism of sense objects and our interaction with them is explained wonderfully in Ch 2 of Bhagawat Geetha. May be sometime I will write a series on it. He says in verse 64, dropping all the cravings and aversions, experience the sense objects through sense organs.


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