Saturday, January 17, 2009

Have a walk!

Some days ago I met Rajesh Sarma (The Kingmaker), and among other things for health fitness, he told me to go for walks. Now I am generally quite averse to walking, so I thought he meant nearby in Koramangala. He continued saying, go from Koramangala to Ashram for a satsang, by walk! :) I burst into laughter, it was surprise and strange, but interesting! I am someone who won't go without cycle from hostel to institute(and now bike), and going for a walk so far was a challenge!

And so I started out one day! It was 4:30 in afternoon. I had just finished the "Hari Om" Meditation and ensured that I had a comfortable stomach. Sun was warm.
Felt good that I knew all short-cuts.
Got to know the real definition of one kilometer. I actually measured one after another.

Saw a nice temple on the side. I used to pass by it fast on my bike. Now I went in and had a nice darshan. It was Vishnu the deity of maintainance, lying on the multi-headed snake, signifying hightened awareness.

I was heading to satsang in Ashram, not on just another walk. So the goal was pristine. I was not in a hurry, so I observed carefully all the life around. People moving around in a hurried way, eating, laughing, doing daily chores, waiting, ...
I noticed that many people on this planet still don't have proper sanitation facilities and live in slums.
The goal was noble and means were tough. The body was in constant action, but mind was quite effortless.

I realised why lacs of people travel by foot for hundreds of kilometers just to visit the place where a sage left his body, or a place where they take a purifying bath or a place of a deity. They are far from being in misery or pain, the entire intention to get close to divine is giving them bubbles of joy within, with every footstep they take. They are leaving behind their normal life, and moving towards the divine.

I had some juice and moved on for few more kilometers. Reaching Kanakpura road felt good. However it was getting dark and after some time I ate some food and took a bus. Bit tired, but not exhausted. There were nice tingling sensations in the legs, kind of energizing every cell. Legs had opened up to a new liveliness and no more aversion for walking!


Faith Lasts said...

**They are far from being in misery or pain

Exactly this is what I too have understood and it is so liberating to recognize the simplicity of life

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