Monday, January 19, 2009

Madness or Brilliance

I just love this scene from Pirates of Carribean part 1:- the curse of black pearl. Jack and Will need a ship to get back Will's proposed gf, who has been kidnapped. Now of course, they will take one of the ships that are already floating around, in a pirate's way!To avoid being sighted by the soldiers, Jack and Will get down under a boat that is lying upside down on the seashore. Soon the boat enters the water, and they start walking with its cover, AT THE BOTTOM of the sea!! They do so till they reach the Big Ship that they want to "borrow withouth permission!"
Will:- This is either madness or sheer Brilliance
Captain Sparrow:- Its strange how often these two traits coincide!! :)
Reminds me of the "tunnel" that we had in the Maharashtra Mandal Swimming Pool in Pune. They had made a cavity where 5 people could easily breath in, with water till their chest. I never went there, but my brother did. So its like you jump in a well, go through the tunnel, and reach that cavity and stay there for some time! Quite an adventure. Of course, they used to take safety precautions for all.


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