Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Will it be yummy forever??

Just came back from lunch..yes I had it late.I was very busy with the work in the morning.If you see the meaning for work in my dictionary you will get a different meaning altogether.My co is very flexible and let me do things I want even though if it is during work hours.A typical day in any techie's life would consist of these things - Mails,Browsing,Reading,orkutting,blogging,music,eating,occasional parties,chatting, and hardly any work done in these timings and if he/she is an AOL techie then calling seva will take precedence over other tasks now and then.Generally lunch in offices are like girl friends.Initially they would be very tasty and healthy and you would be wealthy.As the time moves on the taste would change and that taste would be perfectly alright and good according to the caterers.Today I missed my lunch and had a mango drink with Noodles to charge myself.Even in the shop where they serve the noodles and pastries, you can't find eggless pastries which I desperately look for at times.

When I asked about this, the owner promptly responded that I was only and first person who asked for eggless pastry and also added if he had purchased and kept the eggless pastries it would become hard and nobody would like it.Yucky is the food sometimes in these cafeterias.Very rarely do we get a chance to taste a decent food.Are you wondering how?Because of our complaints they would change the caterer and then the new food would be yummy because it would stimulate different taste buds than the previous food used to stimulate.It changes from yummy - yucky - yummy - yucky...Will it be yummy forever??


Abhay Karnataki said...

hahaha! laughed out loud on this one! really... what does work really mean!

hmm.. mango drink with noodles.. interesting.

yah there is big crunch in bangalore about eggless pastries. let's open a shop and sell it ourself! we can even give weekly supplies all over bangalore, as I am sure all AOL devotees would be happy to take it!

Faith Lasts said...

what in the world do you do?

Sabariram Kandasamy said...

That's a cool idea.We can make a good amount of money.
That question really made me think "What am I upto??"

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