Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Chandan and Eyes!

The Chandan and Tilak was looking really good that day, so thought of staring in the camera! :)
Do you were Chandan/Tilak/Bindi/Kumkum !??

Do you know why in our culture it has been a tradition to put it on...!!!???!!!
Many think its not stylish, but I tell you it really adds a glory to your face! I like to see decorative bindis on many girls... And without Chandan and Tilak a guy's face looks rather blank!

Scientifically, application of these things is supposed to simulate certain glands that rule entire body...

Experiencially, I have always had an ease of decision making, an ease in concentration and focus whenever I put the tilak... In fact I feel something is missing, when I don't!

Second thing I wish to bring out is, look in the eyes of the people! They reveal everything you would ever want to know!
I do this exercise for few years now... Since I was in IIT for my Masters... I walk in the crowd and look in their eyes... and each person tells me a story! What's happening inside. Is that person happy or worried... Is thinking, planning, regretting, or enjoying. I walk like a King surveying his country... It showed me lot of reality in lives of people, without talking to them!

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