Thursday, September 25, 2008

Life and afterlife of a research scholar

Over the past five years, I have confronted these three questions at least a thousand times, when I tell someone that I am doing research for PhD: So how is it going on, when it will get over, and what you will do after that!?
The expressions behind the questions are often varied from simple curiosity to total surprise, from personal concern to "oh my God, what is he doing"!
To enlighten all on this peculiar type of living, here are some answers.
First, the research scholars are not near to extinction, fighting for survival species. We get good stipend and accommodation, food and other facilities that any softy guy would envy... Plus we have flexible timings and we don't travel 1 hour to the office! So chill, being a research scholar is a cool life.

Second, as to when it will get complete, I will let you know when it is done. Dont worry, everything that has a beginning has an end.

Third, what after PhD.
Again, I hope those with PhD do survive in this world, else it would be height of educated unemployment!
Nevertheless, thanks for all your concern.
Here is what I might do after PhD:

  1. Go on a vacation for two months
  2. Go for a post doc... yes, research has no end
  3. Go learn guitar and piano and dances
  4. Scuba diving in Goa
  5. Skydiving
  6. Join an Animation course and produce high quality 3D movies
  7. Become a Journalist and tell real tales: Join SSCMS!?
  8. Join SSRVM and open up schools that really educate kids not make them muggers
  9. Organise an Utsav
  10. Become YES!+ teacher
  11. Teach in BSc and MSc Physics at any place in the world
  12. Open a Satvik Ayurvedic restaurant
  13. Become an Ayurvedic Doctor
  14. Write books on Physics
  15. Do an MBA
  16. Learn java and become a softy.
  17. Go on a world tour, the hitchhikers way.
  18. Become an astronaut and go to moon
  19. Take a lift from some spaceship and go hitchhike in the galaxy
  20. All of above
  21. None of above


Faith Lasts said...

Inspiring. Very Inspiring

Anonymous said...

short and sweet!!

:P :)

Floyd said...

Im going 2 join work as a as a softy and trust me I already envy you .. the options you have noted down can also be very good suggestions for a person who feels saturated in his/her profession.

Aho ! said...

Good one .. I believe the list does not end there :-)

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