Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Happy Ganeshotsav to all!

Today is the day of worshipping the lord of all wisdom, the Lord Ganesha. He resides in you!
The symbols have a meaning in our intellect and an impact on our mind. With the elephant's head what does Ganesha tell you!? Elephant is a vegetarian, yet strongest animal. He is not afraid of anyone, and anything comes in his way, he will throw away and go ahead. That's what is your potential, to overcome any obstacles in the path. That's why Ganesha is also called as Vighna-harta, remover of all obstacles. With small eyes, and wide ears, he suggests you that don't rely only on what you see, also take into account what you hear, and then make the whole picture. The big belly is a symbol of contentment, prosperity, total joy. His four hands are engaged in four different things. Be skilled to do different things simultaneously. He is also called 'Ganapati'- the in charge of all ganas, the individuals. Your true self is encompassing all the individual identities you have made up for yourself. Uniting them you become one with yourself. In the days of Farari, why should one want a little mouse as a vehicle!? A vehicle is what takes you from one place to another. The little mouse signifies the small, simple piece of logic, a subtle enquiry, with which you can achieve all knowledge. One hand of Ganesha is in the pose of giving blessing, and other is offering the Modak, a Maharashtrian sweet. This way he says, "Wait wait, I am giving sweets to you"!


Vivek Barun said...

yeah, the way guruji explains is simply amazing

Abhay Karnataki said...

So true. I didn't have an idea of so many meanings which he told.

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