Friday, September 26, 2008

Ragi Gudda Temple

If you want to breath fresh air in Bangalore city, you should go to Ragi Gudda temple. Walk up the top of the temple, and enjoy the freshness of the breeze!
Very well maintained, clean and neat, well organized temple. Like an exhibition, you enter in it from one side and passing through a well directed railing, you exit after seeing all the idols in the temples
It carries an energy, a presence that is attractive...

At the end of the visit of course, you are served with delicious sweet and tasty Prasadam and you would leave with a satisfied feeling.

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Dr. Jeetu Pathak said...

really its an amazing place...
especially the hilly area beside hanuman temple... mostly you will find couples there with interesting discussions going on ;)

Anand Jage said...

I love that prasadam served in south indian temples.. it is called appam.. do you know how to cook..?

Abhay Karnataki said...

appam... well I have seen it.. its like a dosa only, made in a kadhai, instead of a pan!

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