Thursday, September 4, 2008

waah, what a lunch!

On occassion of Ganapati Festival, the Prasanna Ganapati Temple in Koramangala performed the Sahastra Modaka Ganapati Homa. After the Homa they offered lunch to all the visitors to the temple, about 1000!
A meal in the traditional way on the banana leaf was so fulfiling! They did multiple servings, the lunch had Pongal, Masala Bhat, Payasam(a sweet kheer) , a mixed vegetable which was served hot and was not spicy, salad and boondi, chutney, plain rice and dal! The pongal and Payasam had abundance of cashew-nuts.
Apart from the taste and style, the happy atmosphere and devoted serving made it such a worthwhile meal. May God bless all those who give me good food!


visitor maps

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