Friday, September 5, 2008

And the difference is...

In the Post Title Font color and Post Title Font Size! Good guesses, and Bhawana got it right! I changed the Color of old Post title from dull black to the current one, and increased the font size from 135% to 175%... Previously it used to look like this,

And now it looks like this:

I was waiting for this change for number of days, only yesterday got the time to do it.

Here is how to do it. In Layout, Edit Html, Search for the following 2 things...

And Replace them with these....(change is only in the value associated with the font color and size)
I don't know the exact logic of numbering and colors, something to do with RGB Scheme... May be our techie friend Vivek can write an article on which number for which color. I just used LCS, Littel Common Sense, and changed the numbers till I got the right combo!
You can play like that with your blog layout quite easily. Don't touch the tags with <> and don't forget to save the copy of your current template before you tamper it!
If you like any blog template, or for that matter any web design, there is a simple way to know what lies beneath. When you open it ine your internet explorer or Firefox, go to View, Page Source. or View Source. Something like that will be there. Check out this website for html,or such similar websites, to understand the meaning of html syntax. Correlate the things in the source and those on the webpage... That way you can bring those changes in your blog. Its that simple. Happy troubleshooting HTML!


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