Wednesday, September 24, 2008

movies abound!

Singh is Kinng

I enjoyeed this one not only because Akshay kumar is cool and natural and the Katrina sizzles, but because there was a group of friends in the audi who were dancing on the tunes of "Singh is King, Singh is King, Singh is King"!!! There was this one guy in them who would whistle, clap, make action and on the dance got up and started dancing! After all the King ness is all about style! I too joined in and sported in clapping and singing and whistling...! It was fun. After all a movie should be an experience, not just watching... Their official website is nice!

Rock on!!
I went to this movie after reading Bhawana's review. The "Magik" of this classy movie still persists... Saw it twice. We went in a big group with lots of YES!+ Junta who were having a lot of fun, waving and singing along the rock... like a real rock show! Ohh how I wish to grow hair long enough!

The scenes are classy and touching.. well chosen backdrops, music that speaks the emotion... I love that song

So sweet of her to say that may our talks get dissolved in the melodies!
I like the spirit of their coming back... KD keeps all happy, and finally Aditya let's go of the past... The disparities come to an end and its truly remarkable how grace moves their lives!

Prachi Desai plays a very sweet, soft, emotional and dignified role as Sakshi.
Kudos to the whole team who made it!

Mamma Mia
I loved the music and particularly the song "slipping through my fingers..." so nice expressions through music. Bau has written a nice review on this movie. I kept humming mixed up lyrics from the movie for hours later! The music and lyrics in the movie just intermixes with the prose and flows through the simple actions! lovely!


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