Tuesday, September 9, 2008

1st Post - Love - Guruji - Comments - Welcome - Passion - Food - Travel - Cinema - Yes It's Dilemma!!

I've been thinking of writing my first post in our blog!!After delibrate attempt and effort I found that today is that auspicious day to start with that 1st post.Just kidding.Abhay has already crossed 70.Real inspiration for me to write this.But what should I write about on my first post?This is the question that was in my mind while I've decided to write.Atlast I found the suitable title.Dilemma!What a better word I can think of other than this to describe the state of mind when someone starts writing!True.There are numerous things infront of me to write about.Life is giving me many things to express its love.So many things to express my love towards life.Abhay,Vivek and whoever have ever looked for my post in this blog, Here is my first post.More things will follow after this.Let me know if you read this. :-)


Faith Lasts said...

Yes Yes we are reading..huhuhahahahah
begin with how life is treating ya!

Abhay Karnataki said...

wow, you are back buddy!

by the way guys, he Did write in the beginning... Its just that life was moving too fast for him in recent months, to make a note of it!

Sabariram Kandasamy said...

Thanks for the comments..

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