Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ganesha @ my home

Contentment is the mother of creativity. And one who even briefly thinks of the Divine gets contented. No wonder then that the artists never tire out of enthusiasm in making different forms of Lord Ganesha. To my happiness, a number of these creations, have been gifted to me by my friends!

Gifted by Ekta. And of course, since I am such a good photographer, there is some nice light effect as you can see!! :)

Gifted by Sarita. The idol reminds me of our long lasting friendship.

I think I got this one as a gift in YES!+. :)

I just loved this one in Divine Shop at Ashram, so didn't stop to bring home. I feel a lot of life in this one.

My friend Bhawana has put up an article on the meaning of the Idol of Ganesha. You can see it here.

And Bawa the great is writing an amazing series of articles on Ganeshji. Here is introduction, article one, article two!

A Hindu talking about Ganesha won't be surprising, a Parsi talking about Parsi religion is not surprising either, but a Parsi writing on the Secret of Lord Ganesha is simply amazing. This is true secularism, respecting all and following one. A true mark of an Art of Living Teacher, embracing all religions.


Faith Lasts said...

Yes, the last statue is so life like.
Did you notice, here He doesn't wear a crown?

Abhay Karnataki said...

Oh yaah. Ekdam bholapan hai. At the same time, its like, there is lot of force behind the Statue. Murteekar ne bade hi pyaar se aur shraddha ke saath banaya hai.

Santhu said...

i love ganesha idols and i hope i will get a present one day from yes+ :-) cool presents :-)

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