Thursday, September 4, 2008

Find the Difference!

So, what's the new thing that I have done to my blog! Find out the difference! Its not so difficult, but it may not be so obvious also!


Faith Lasts said...

This thing on the RHS bottom
Contact - France - Italia - España - U.K.U.S. - Portugal - Deutschland - Turkey

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Faith Lasts said...

Sounds Interesting is no more listed in your "where I roam around in blogosphere"

Abhay Karnataki said...

dear, the RHS listing thing has been there, since I installed that geo-counter, and would actually like to get rid of it! Like, in Bawa's geo counter it doesnt appear.

And Sounds interesting is there, but it shows as "Haappy Guru Poornima"! :)

Any more guesses... ! :)

Faith Lasts said...

wait wait I'll find out

Faith Lasts said...

What? The purple - pink combination

After this, I give up
Now it better be something good. :/


Vivek Barun said...

the disclaimer on the bottom of the blog.

Faith Lasts said...

naa naa the disclaimer was already there I remember specifically, because instead of @ it says AT...which i found funny..LOL

Faith Lasts said...

hahahahahhahaahahhaa my first attempt....was in such a hurry, and such a Dumb thing to say ! hehehehehee

Faith Lasts said...

I get it I get it I get it..The two sidebars are now closer to the middle peace where the main content goes.
Thank you, Thankyou very much :PPPP

Abhay Karnataki said...

@ Bhavana : aah you have got it actually... the change in the Post Title Font Color.

Come on, haven't you played those games in childhood when you have to find 6 differences in two pictures!! :))

Faith Lasts said...

I so have played all those games and still pounce on them whenever I get a chance...
FinallY I WINNNNN :))))

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