Friday, September 19, 2008

Let's Learn Sanskrit!!

I found a very nice site for learning Sanskrit through self study. Its here. Right from the writing of alphabets, there are lessons that you can take. .Of course, it will be useful if you already learnt the devanagari script. I have now come to a firm understanding that unless you learn the script of a language, there is no point in learning the words, and writing them in different script, because its just like you will become a dictionary then!
So, which better place to start learning Sanskrit than this verse:

If you don't read DevaNagari Script, then here is how to read it:

guruh brahmaa guruh viShnu guruh devo maheshwarah
guruh saakShaat param brahma tasmai shree gurave namah

Free flowing translation is:

Guru is Brahma, the lord of creativity, Guru is Vishnu, the lord of maintainance, Guru is Maheswara, the Lord of transformation. Guru is the ever pervading consciousness, I bow down to the Guru.

Isn't Sanskrit Simple!!

I searched and searched for the devanagari script version of the shloka, and finally decided to write it myself. I have used this excellent software for Indian Languages, called Baraha. Please make abundant use of this free software!
Sanskrit is full of "Subhashitas", the wise proverbs... If you guys are interested, I will post them! :)

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Anand Jage said...

definitely... please post.. sent you 5 ec ..

Anonymous said...

hmm.. nice translation there!

Sanskrit a simple one! I wish. I really slogged with it during my high school! but now i am amaxed about softwares that translate thingS!

So nice

Jai Gurudev!

suman said...

Sure! Looking forward to it. :-)

Abhay Karnataki said...

Excellent! I have fuel to go on and post more on Sanskrit now...

@Aparnata: the simplicity is here you see: you don't have to say in Sanskrit, that Guru is Brahmna, you can just say Guru Brahma, the "is" is understood!! :) of course, you can include it if you need.

I have long last my connection to Sanskrit, and its a good way revive that now.

I just corrected one thing in the image.. its not ViShnu, but ViShNu, in the sense... :-) in english there aren't enough symbols to say distinctly the voice of two na and Na that are there in Sanskrit! well, the difference is first is spoken with your tip of tounge touching the teeth and other is using middle part of your tounge to touch the top of your mouth...! its 3rd row 5th symbol in my post rather than 4th row 5th symbol!

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