Tuesday, September 23, 2008


"...," this is the title of the Kannada movie in which His Holiness Sri Sri Ravishankar is taking part in!! Its a silent movie except for one dialogue by Sri Sri!! I am all curious to watch it... The actors are not allowed any lip movement too, only some sign language and face expressions! wuhu, how would it be! Check out news on this in article one and two. The director has set up a competition to decipher the title, and they have approached Guinness book for a record too!
Looks like, after lot of useless blabbering in most of the films and even in life, which anyways don't make much sense, this is an interesting initiative to convey what is beyond the words! :)
I love the Art of Living Foundation's Advanced course, in which we maintain some silence. And at the end of it, I don't even wish to talk! I feel how nice it would be if there was no words at all in all over the world!
hmmm. sometimes few words are necessary to bring out that silence.
Hats off to you Guruji, you have touched to all realms of expression!


suman said...

But if there were no words, we would have not realized what silence is!

Also imagine the beginning of this movie -

S L N Swamy
For the first time on the silver screen ever...
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar


Abhay Karnataki said...

Another news article:

Faith Lasts said...

One word "Cool".
Wow that's some news.
I am really impressed with the concept.
Can't wait to make my movie..
Jai Gurudeva

Shruti Poojari said...

Ohhh wow......jus waiting 2 watch d movie....
lemme kno wen it releases....
excited 4 it...


Anand Jage said...

sounds interesting...

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