Friday, October 10, 2008

Tom Carratee

For those who want a quick to munch dish, here is one:
Peeled and grated carrot
Sliced tomato
Atta or Brown Bread
Haldiram's Bhujia sev
Chat Masala
Place the things as shown in above picture to make a simple sandwich and munch!
Its very tasty, quite filling, 2-3 pieces can be enough for a lunch.
Its also good for health as I will describe later... till then, enjoy the taste!

Few notes... if you don't have grater, you can make slanted thin cuts on carrot, just like you sharpen a pencil using a blade.

If you prefer the sandwich to be half cut, or diagonally cut, then cut the bread before itself, not after putting the things in.

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Unknown said...

Nice ! It would be made even better, if you can grill it using a sandwich maker. Then all the cheese will melt and become soft and chewey ! Wah, then the entire sandwich will break with a crisp sound once you bite it but the center will be soft and tender!

Also try putting in a paste of avacardo! It will work fine.

Unknown said...

hey Abhay, thts a nice recipe, feel free to give a call when you need someone to taste out your recipes :-)

Btw, it would be great to read some interesting physics related fundas on your blog, will help sharpen our rusted physics cons.:)

Anonymous said...


do check my blog :)

Faith Lasts said...

aaaah will sure make a yummy midnight snack :)))

Shruti Poojari said...

waah....its looking so mouth is watering...
nd takes less time 2....


Anand Jage said...

super creative...

Abhay Karnataki said...

@ Akhilesh: Yeah ,will check the grilled version sometime. right now I don't have a toaster!
I have to see avacado in real, else I don't know what it is!

@Vinod: Yeah you are most welcome!

@Bhawana: Bhau, midnight haan! hmmmm. I know, all hungry studying late youth need snacks at midnight! :)

Your comments are inspiring me to venture more in kitchen guys! keep commenting! :)

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