Thursday, October 9, 2008

Before cooking ...

  1. Its good to have nails cut, hair tied and hands washed.
  2. Washing vegetables, rice etc with drinking water is better than the tap water. If done with tap water, its good to rinse them again with drinking water.
  3. Keep the gas on sim till you are an expert.
  4. Use a Non-Stick utensil, the pan, the kadai and so on. Easy to cook and clean.
  5. Add lesser quantity of salt, masala, or any ingrediant, where you are uncertain, because after testing you can always add an extra, but to balance something that is extra is tough.
  6. Arrange ingredients before starting.
  7. Keep the flames confined to the base of vessel to avoid heat loss.
  8. Taste the things raw: you would know what you are dealing with, how much of this needs to go in for what you are heading to.
  9. Taste the thing that you made, before serving!
  10. Olive oil is recommended. No Maida(Use Aata), white sugar(use jaggery), onions(Use Chilli) please. 
  11. Avoid refrigeration. Buy local, fresh veggies, cook just as much as needed and eat fresh.
  12. Having done kriya and meditation, put on some nice music, be happy and cook! Remember what the Hermit BAWArchi's secret of cooking is:-
    “My secret,” said the hermit “Is really quite simple, I cook with love in my heart, And kindness in ample, To this I add a sprinkle, Of warmth and generosity, A dash of good humor, And childlike curiosity, I top it off sweetness, And extra helpings of fun, A pinch of awe and wonder, And you’re very nearly done,
    For the extra lucky ones, Who truly deserve, I garnish it with wisdom, Just before I serve!”

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