Thursday, October 16, 2008


Saw Kidnap... my rating 6/10. As Bhawana says, I am used to find some thing sensible from non-sensical movies too!
Anyways, this post is not about the movie... But the actual story in which a guy almost kidnapped me and Sabari for few minutes, here is how!

We were returning late from Ashram, almost 11pm... Somehow got lift till Konankunte cross, few km before Banashankari. Then there are these office vehicles which take passengers on way to their night duty, and make pocket money for themselves. Its not a bad idea, as its not easy to get conveyance at that time. So we asked for travel to Koramangala. He asked for 100,and I said no then drop us at Banashankari, for 30 Rs. He agreed and we sat in. Then I made the mistake. I asked him, will you come for 70Rs to Koramangala. He didn't agree, and kept mum. In Banashankari, he didn't have parking place, so he pushed off a bit... Sabari got down, me too, and I had no change, so gave a note of 100, and asked for change.. but he didn't have it too, and started moving! then I got in and Sabari got in too, and as we moved further, looking for change, he started demanding more,something like 50 or so. After some arguments, I wanted to just get out of vehicle, and asked him to stop... But he wouldn't stop, and started moving much faster!!
Now I threatened to jump out by opening the door slightly.. this put him off balance further and finally when he stopped at a place, midway between koramangala and Banashankari, he was asking same high money...
Arguments continued on footpath, and I looked at the jeep number intending to copy it... That's it.. he was shouting and threatening to give a blow! He stood so close to me, my feet started trembling... At this time Sabari's coolness helped... He somehow convinced him for 80-90 bucks and we got in..
The part that I was angry at was that he was demanding us to take ride with him, when we didn't agree to. and then he was not stopping also when we wanted.

But his final avatar changed me. He threatened that he would follow us to home and come back and hit us! After that I was all soft, and asked him why he was so aggressive. He wouldn't talk... Sabari's kannada/tamil came to help. He found out that the driver was angry on me noting the number, since if we tell that to police, their job is lost for few years.

Finally we reached Koramangala, paid him handsome amount, thanked him to drop all the way, and gave him a packet of biscuit too. He left and then we walked to our homes. That night I couldn't sleep well!
Discussing with Sabari I realised and still remember one point which came up: I was wondering why such an incidence wouldnt even happen to Swamijis or teachers in aol. First was that their travel would be planned and they would have the conveyance ready. Second more important thing Sabari pointed out is that these Swamijis are so centered that they first think of the welfare of other person. What I was doing in my bargain with the driver was to make most of my profit, leaving very little margin for him.
This is where Saints differ, they think of others first.
Since then i have stopped bargaining. I just quote the rent I would give, if they agree yes, else I just say no thank you, please carry on. No further discussions.
Its great Sabari was there then, else I would have lost temper much more!


Anand Jage said...

Abhay I am not a Swami... so I would have kicked that guys ass.. btw was he strong ?? May be i would turn into a swami then...
jokin.. :)

Faith Lasts said...

Then I am a swamini !!!
Jai Gurudev

Abhay Karnataki said...

@ Anand: yeah dude if he would have even touched me I would have got back at him too.. my wonder was how could such event even come close to me in my life, and it doesn't come to the swamiji s!

Its said in patanjali, that if one is living ahinsa, compassion, then even in km from that person, violence doesn't occur...

@ Bhawana: yeah. hmmm.

Unknown said...

Yeah makes a lot of sense! Thanks for sharing this :)

Santhu said...

Its a good lesson to be good to others even in destress !!

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