Thursday, October 2, 2008

Shiva Temple on old Airport road - I

We were passing by the Kemp Fort area on old Airport road, and came across this small cave-like entrance for a temple inside. I was curious, as I had no clue of a temple in that part, so we went in. I was getting surprise after surprise as I saw the Huge idols of Ganesha and Shiva! It had 12 Jyotirlingas showcased in another cave-like exhibition. An absolute treat to see and feel. I even made a wish in the wish-pond! There was such a poise and serenity in the sculptures.

Many of my friends complained saying this temple has become commercial and so on, as there are some token charges for different sections, footwear, and so on. I would say, why not charge? If you go to a hotel, you don't get a tea for free. Why do you expect temples to be free of cost? Ever thought about maintenance of temple premises, the logistics involved. What about the families of Pujari s? You might say, ohh but don't we donate... How much? Few coins? How many of us set aside a percentage of salary to maintenance and development of temples, our places of worship?
Even from the donation earnings of temples, the Government has decided to take its take. More than 50,000 temples in South India alone have stopped functioning due to shortage of funds for maintenance. Pujaris have less interest to teach their children about traditional rituals.
In West, they preach that if you don't donate to Church, you will go to hell! Obviously then people donate. Here we don't do such eccentric thing, but then how will temples get funds?
You can visit the Shiva Mandir Website
They use the funds generated to run a hospital and such services, which you can see at Humanitarian Network website.

One more thing... Don't think that the white ball like objects in the photo are some camera errors...!! They are angels! If they were camera errors, they would be repetitive. :)

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aybi said...

Those huge idols looks totally amazing! I've never been to India, I have no Idea about religious stuffs, but it looks very interesting. BTW, I find your blog really cool! God bless!

Abhay Karnataki said...

Thanks for the compliments! :)

yeah I like the Hugeness of the statues too. IT shows that there is a bigger power.. in whatever form you wish to see it...
even liberty of US symbolizes this.

In Karnataka espacially, you will see even the movie stars' photos so huge, like 3 floors! The heros stand out !

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