Sunday, October 5, 2008


Today's Ganesh Homa in Ashram was absolutely ecstatic! 

Guruji is radiating sheer bliss and contentment... these words which are just heard otherwise, can be seen in His expression! 
I have decided that every year I will come here, no matter what part of the planet I am! 
Every year the Navaratri Experience deepens... You see the glory with wider eyes and much more open mind!
It would be astoundingly great if you can fly from any part of the globe right away and drink the nectar of this navaratri!
You can also see the webcast of Navaratri homas on internet:- Click here.
Modak is Ganesha's prasadam. I love this sweet. Its interesting. We offer it to the idol, and with blessings of the divine, we eat it! How nice.
Modak is based on Moda, meaning joy in Sanskrit. Just like Sadhak is derived from Sadhana, meaning one who does sadhana, Modak means one who gives joy. And Knowledge removes the ignorance and unveils the curtain over inner joy, so Modak symbolises the knowledge.
Interestingly, Sanskrit has a way of putting two words together, and Modak can also be broken as Ma- Udak, means don't throw water!! There is a story of King Shalivahan and his wife regarding this! Anyways, that story some other time...


Unknown said...

hey, that's a very nice explaination of Modakam, i didn't know about it .. the thought for the day -- is so much very true!

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