Wednesday, October 8, 2008

hum hai na!

Humor and laughter instantaneously happen in presence of Ramnik.

Once, somebody said, Oh My God! Ramnik said, "Yeah Tell Me!"

Other day, we were talking about the various animals in the Ashram. There are monkeys, few peacocks, squirreles, elephants, dogs, cats, snakes, serpents and even crocodiles and fish in the lake. The newcomer to the group asked, "So, do you have lions too!?" Ramnik said, "Haan hum hai na!" :)

He just can't stop laughing and making others laugh! One day, he and his friend were going hands on each others' backs, merrily laughing and joking. And here comes me from behind, and casually joined them on right side. I also put hands on his back and he on mine.
Suddenly what happened noone knows, but we were all three of us flat on the ground! dhoop! hahaha! we continued laughing, got up and started walking!!! The fall was quite too complicated to understand!


Faith Lasts said...

hahhaha even I don't know why I am laughing..
hehehe pretty cool though :)

Abhay Karnataki said...

yeah it may not sound so logical a joke, but during the course of time, in that atmosphere, the spontaneity and surprise was amazing! :)

Anonymous said...


That lion thing was funny!

Sunand said...

very nice.. :) :) jgd.

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