Thursday, October 23, 2008

Double Dhamaka!

Hello Everybody!!

Can't hold this secret in my heart any longer...!

Girls, please take care of your hearts!

One of the most eligible bachelors, Sabariram has tied the knot with his friend Kavita, and the wedding is in November!! :)  

So Mahesh and I are catching up some last few dinners with him... Now a days he is available less and less, and he goes in some other world when a special phone call comes!! :)

Mahesh and I are looking forward to visit Madurai, and you are invited too!! Please inform me of your arrival in Advance. 

Adding to the Good news, Sabari will be going to Denmark in later part of November!! 


Faith Lasts said...

Oh WOW grand news Sabriram and Kavita
God Bless and lotssss of best wishes

Vivek Barun said...

what should i say?
well i feel shabri should write a post on this auspicious occasion!

Unknown said...

Don't worry girls. I am available :)

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