Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Skill in Action

In Gita Krishna says, Yoga Karmasu Kaushalam, meaning Yoga is skill in action. 

Where could I have seen it better than in Navaratri, when The Master displayed his skill in action by simply striking the strings of Veena and bringing out melodious music! He also played one more music instrument, I don't know its name.  Who will tell me!?
He once said, when you have rhythm inside, you can bring out the rhythm in any instrument or anything outside!
Its like this... He playfully, lovingly holds the Veena... He tunes it, playfully checks the sounds by pressing on different notes, and then his speed of striking those notes changes, it increases, he intermixes the notes and whoa! From nowhere a satsang song comes up! 
This process is very similar to the way the kid in Taare Jameen Par draws his final competition picture:- the colors re-arrange themselves to form a picture that is not planned beforehand.
Master displayed fantastic creativity, spontaneous impromptu performance!! HATs off!!

ps. pictures coming soon. may be tunes too! :)
pps. I attempted similar thing on my guitar, didn't work out so well! I think I need more training on it or more love for those notes!


Faith Lasts said...

CoNgRaTuLaTiOnSSSSSSS on your 100th post.
Rashmin bhaiya's pic is so neat.

About the Guitar thing...LOL, same here..
Maybe we should ask Vivek Barun..
hmmmm :)))

Unknown said...

Its called a swar mandal. Its essentially a Harp which consists of many strings tuned to frequencies which depends on the Raaga. The veena is of course a carnatic instrument as opposed to the swar mandal which is used in hindustani music. Come home i will play the veena for you and try to play 'Narayan Narayan hari om'. Of course Guruji is the ultimate, but there is no harm in trying!!!!

suman said...

Yeah waiting for the same!!!

Abhay Karnataki said...

aha, that's a nice info, Akhilesh!

yeah sure, next time I will come to your home, will definitely listen to more Veena!

Abhay Karnataki said...

@ Bhawana: Thanks da! Its not Rashmin Bhaiyya, Its Ramnik Bansal!! :)

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