Wednesday, October 1, 2008

3 Men in Kitchen!

Inspired by my YES!+ friends KK(made nice sweet),Veena(made dosa, ...), Prabha(Pav Bhaji, ...), I have ventured in the kitchen with Sabari, a bit more experienced Chef, and Mahesh the cook on diet. What we cook, will come up soon...! 

Now this renewed title suits the post better! I have made it similar to one of my favorite books, "3 Men in a Boat(not to mention of the dog)" by Jerome K Jerome, an absolutely hilarious read!

We three suit our roles in Kitchen quite well... 
Abhay:- I am mostly Brahma energy:- how many different ways I can cook this, what new things can be done, how to cook it using minimum number of utensils that need to be washed later!
Sabari:- He maintains the things well, as he has lot of Vishnu energy:- he will follow a suit of instructions and previous cooking experiences, make sure that food is tasty and Ayurvedic!
Mahesh:- Of course the Shiva energy:- Changes the situation, has recently procured a fridge, will give great finishing touch, and find ways of how quickly I can do it!

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Sunand said...

wat u guyz r cookin?

suman said...

Yeah good. Even i have started cooking here in Germany. Had never ventured towards the kitchen in my house except for eating whatever was prepared.
I like what I prepare although other people who taste it have a different opinion on my experiments

Shruti Poojari said...

ohh thats gud.....boys must learn 2 cook....

insikwa said...

wow,nice men do some cooking...let me see what yah cooking?hehe

Anonymous said...

thats a great combination!

Unknown said...

You guys look good.

Sunand said...

Can't c commands option in Before cooking post..
nice tips..

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