Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I had promised to write wise verses in Sanskrit! So here is a beginning. I had quoted this in my B.Sc. Project report!

English pronounciation key:
ye naama kechidiha na prathayanti avaJnyaaM
jaanantu te kimapi na taana prati eSha: yatna |
utpasyate ka: api mama samaanadharmaa 
kaalo hi ayaM niravadhi vipulaa cha pRuthvi ||

actually I didn't find the right transliteration for "jnya"  a Sanskrit syllable. 

Freely translated meaning:

Those who do not value this piece of work, let them know that these efforts are not for them! Surely there will be people who share the same interest as mine, because there is lot of time and the Earth is very big, diverse.

So how many of you have read the Bhagawat Gita, the dialogue between Krishna and Arjuna!?
Its full of interesting ideas about life, it just opens up your mind. Would you like to read about 
it in small articles!?


Anand Jage said...

Thank you loads for birthday wishes...
what did you cook?

Anand Jage said...

nice sanskrit qoute!! ahaaaaa..
go for gita..
i have kept it for download on my blog..

Vijeth Dinesha said...

Nice one.
By the way, 'j~n' Transliterates ज्ञ


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