Saturday, August 2, 2008

Kung Fu Panda!

It was fun watching Kung Fu Panda yesterday!
Superb Animation and fast actions, and what's more, since its all animated, there are tricks not doable in a real life! Great sound effects. Animation industry is coming so close to real experience.
The director has managed to portrait the human emotions very well in the animation.

Like the Senior Master says, "You need to believe that which you wish to happen." Its interesting to see that when what I need to achieve is aligned with what I need to do, What I wish can become reality!
You can see a trailor here:

Welcome to Awesomeness!
By the way, I think I enjoyed the movie because I could relate a lot to Poh, the Panda:
He cant see his legs because of his tummy, I cant see it too.
He lives in his dream world, I live in my dream world too.
He can do anything for food, I can do anything for food too.
He doesnt like exercises, I don't like exercises too!


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