Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Mummy 3

Saw Mummy :- The tomb of the Dragon Emperor.
A huge army buried underground looks for awakening. The emperor who has mastered control over the five elements is looking for immortality. A lot of hidden secrets behind the Great wall of China!
Will our archaeologist friends discover them and fight with the army general to keep the menace under control!?
The film made me curious to see previous films in the Mummy trilogy.
The music and rising skeletons also reminded me of my most favorite movie:- the Pirates of the Caribbean! :)
I liked the scenes in icy mountains.... And yes, there are snow-men-lions! :)
I saw a lot of similarity with Indiana Jones...
I like these movies because they are like reality shows of treasure hunts... excellent trailer on the official website.
What is interesting is, much of the background of the movie, the burried statues of the king is actually true! Read the wiki entry on it.
In both the history of mankind, and inside the planet earth, there lie so many things hidden!


Faith Lasts said...

Interesting. A kind of a new way to look at "non sensical" movies

Abhay Karnataki said...


You know what...
I just extract the juice out of everything in life and every moment in life!
Whatever is good, I take it, and rest... just leave it!

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