Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Love’s in the air

Love doesn’t have to be said or expressed; it’s already there in the air. It’s a matter of recognition. And how so wonderful ways life has for making you recognize that you are… fountain of love!

And once recognized, you don’t have to do anything with it, apart from just being in love. Especially you don’t need to make love; it can’t be made, it’s not like a tomato soup.

What can be done is to uncover the obstacles that stop love.

Come 14 Feb evening and there are more depressed youngsters than happy couples! If you don’t have a valentine you are not cool is an equation that has been fed in heads of youth today. And as long as Love is equalized to a relationship it becomes a heavy thing. Of course every relation is based on love, but not every love needs to culminate in a relationship!

There is Western culture where love is expressed too much, and hence it somewhere, in some sense, looses the depth of expression. Isn’t it, what do you say… And then there is an Eastern culture, where people are so conservative, that they don’t even express the love for their entire life. They feel so stifled inside. What we need is a balance of the two.

When we are children, we go hug our parents so easily. As youth its rare, and so is our behavior towards our best friends. Somewhere, sometime, that sense of touch is left untouched, and hence a craving for that sense arises. If you don’t understand this, leave it. One friendly hug can dissolve all cravings and aversions. Someone has beautifully said this, “ A hug is a wonderful gift, one size fits all!”


Faith Lasts said...

That so true (sob sob) but going and hugging my parents seems the most impossible thing to do, not to mention most fake

Abhay Karnataki said...

haha! doesn't matter if its fake! :)

they are waiting for it...

I really like some college friends groups where there is trust between the friends and they happily exchange the hug when they meet up.
Western culture of kissing on a meet is a bit too much, espacially for someone brought up in India, but a hug seems to be ok!
I remember, there was a chess champion girl from India, she was supposed to represent India in an international tournament, and she was scared! Because she thought everyone gives a shakehand a nd a nominal kiss in introduction!

In fact when I went to Germany it was a bit of a cultural shock... to see a couple kissing on a road! Roadside romance seems to be common in west.
I don't think we can be that "Advanced", but a hug seems to be a good idea. There is a lot conveyed in the sense of touch. I think that is why we have colloquial way of saying, keep in touch, at the end of an email!

Faith Lasts said... the "they are waiting for it" bit...
You write devotedly man. Thumbs up!

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