Friday, August 8, 2008

Green Code

It was memorable event in the history of Lalbagh. People who had come to Lalbagh on the event day wondered on seeing things happened around them. The Lalbagh garden trees and plants were singing and dancing with full of joy. By hearing the songs of the trees, the gushing air added their musical tunes to the songs! Visitors were mesmerised on seeing this Jugalbandhi. Inanimate vintage cars wanted to jump on the bandwagon.

They gathered together and started giving different poses to the photgraphers! AOL leaders/Volunteers have made a difference to the lives of Lalbagh this time. This intoxication will remain forever.

The cleaning drive witnessed thousands of people coming together and participating in the noble cause. After seeing the Jugalbandhi performance, people had gathered to see the painting exhibition by the Green code participants.

The paintings had come alive and it looked as if the trees of Lalbagh were smiling at the visitors. This celebration has spread like wildfire and now Cubbon park wants to have similar celebration. Lets get together and make this a great event!!

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